Potipot Island: Your Ultimate Castaway Experience

In Potipot Gateway Resort, they have a private speedboat to take you to and from Potipot Island for Php 350 per person. The fee includes the mandatory 100-peso entrance fee for this privately-owned island. It is approximately 2 kilometers away from the mainland and it takes about 5 minutes to get there. 

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It is the perfect place to detach yourself from the world and indulge in your own castaway experience. There is no electricity, no potable water, and no food. You must bring everything. There are a few small nipa huts built that are rented out for Php 500 ($11), quite overpriced though.

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If you do not mind getting sandy all over, just lie around near the shore where the clear water can reach your feet. We found our spot underneath a tree shielding us from the sun. We were quite lucky as the weather was breezy so the heat did not really make us feel uncomfortable.

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The fine glimmering white sand in Potipot Island complements its pristine waters – so clear you could even see your toes while swimming. Standing in front of the water, you can see how the colors change from green to blue to gray. You will fall in love with the scenic view of mountains slightly covered with clouds. The island is so tiny you can walk around it in about an hour; so serene it makes you feel like you own it. We spent hours just lying on the sand enjoying the silence and the wonderful view.

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Aside from the beach, Potipot Island also has an area for grilling food you might have brought with you. Tables where you can set your dishes are provided although I’m sure it comes with a price, as well. There is a net set up by the shore where you and your friends can play Volleyball. The island has a lot of space in the middle wherein guests who want to spend the night here can pitch their tents. A public restroom is also available nearby.

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I noticed that more trees have been planted which is a good thing so it can provide more shade in the future. The only thing I wish they did more was to maintain the place better by cleaning out the dried leaves and twigs so we can appreciate the white sand more. 

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Nevertheless, the place was still beautiful. 

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The boat’s last trip back to the main land is at 5 pm, so if you don’t plan to spend the night there alone, you better not miss it.

The island offers you a place for relaxation where you can surely take your mind off things. If you’re looking for an adventure of calmness and nature when in Manila, be sure to visit the lovely island of Potipot.

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Potipot Island: Your Ultimate Castaway Experience


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