Positive Vibration in Rasta: House of Marley Headphone Review

When in Manila and looking to enjoy good music, check out the  Positive Vibration in Rasta from House of Marley for a beat blastin’ time!


“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” Bob Marley said it the best, and House of Marley continues to live out this message. Their Positive Vibration headphones in Rasta come with a premium quality that can only be echoed by living a life that Rohan Marley surely envisions.






Normally opening a product you don’t really care about the packaging, you just want what’s inside. House of Marley is different. The Positive Vibrations come in perfectly engineered boxes, as well as being packaged with recycled materials. Why not start with a good impression?




While I am no music expert, these are definitely superior headphones. Simply by picking them up you can tell that they aren’t your average headphones. House of Marley puts great care into every product and it clearly shows. The Positive Vibration headphones have a good weight to them, heavy enough to know that they mean business and are durable, while still being very portable and comfortable.




The only caveat that I had for the Positive Vibration is that they slightly pinched my head, but may loosen up after extended use. I also have a big head and was wearing my glasses at the time, so I’m sure that contributed! 😉




Overall the design is simply cool. With corkscrew wires, aluminum metal height adjustment bars, and canvas for the bridge of the headphones, they definitely are set to impress. Likewise, the quality of the Positive Vibration in Rasta headphones is superb. No loss of quality with high volume for trebles or bass. I could physically feel the headphones bouncing on my head when the bass at 75% volume on my laptop. Definitely loud alright!




Other notable things would be that they firmly stayed on my head and did not slide around if I moved suddenly. Almost 0 audio leak when wearing the Positive Vibration in Rasta headphones as well.


I’m not sure if I would use the bag that the Positive Vibration in Rasta came with rather than display the chill headphones around my neck, but if you do need a carrying case at least it comes with one!





Oh and check out the different colors of these House of Marley Headphones:





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So When in Manila and wanting to be more like the king of Reggae, check out the Positive Vibration in Rasta from the House of Marley!


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Positive Vibration in Rasta: House of Marley Headphone Review 



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