PLDT’s Manny V. Pangilinan Meets Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg!

PLDT's Manny V

What happens when one of the Philippines’ most powerful businessmen meets the co-founder of one of the world’s most famous corporations? Magic.

That’s what’s going to happen, as PLDT-Smart’s chairman and chief executive Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) recently met with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in the latter’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The meeting was to discuss ways of strengthening the partnership between Smart and Facebook and to bring the Internet to more Filipinos.

Smart is the first telecommunications company in Southeast Asia to partner with the social media platform to  make mobile Internet available to two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected, offering access to online sources and services without data charges.

To date, the Facebook app is now available in more than 30 countries, allowing people to get in touch with their loved ones and search for information, like checking the weather, the news, job postings, and many more, without additional cost. For the Philippines, ranked as the social media capital of the world, this effectively broke barriers to appreciate the real-life benefits of mobile Internet.

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