Pit Stop in Laguna? This Container Van Restaurant Serves Comfort Food with Local Feels

When on a road trip, sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. Some of the most memorable conversations and laughs can happen inside the car on the way, but along with that, sometimes, comes traffic or a sore butt from all the driving. Good thing there are stopovers or pit stops along the way to take a break and stretch out in.

I love Laguna. There’s so much to visit in this province next to Metro Manila. Pansol has its hot springs, Los Banos has the University and Mount Makiling, and further down south is a myriad of local gems—food, handicrafts, local artists, and more.

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When on that trip to either Los Banos, Sta Cruz, Caliraya, Lumban, Pagsanjan, San Pablo etc, in between the traffic you’ll encounter in Pansol and Los Banos, there’s a new container van restaurant along the road (right after the Los Banos border) that will quench your thirst for rest and jumpstart your taste of the province. You may put the generic fast food to rest and start putting some local feels to your journey with Mayan House of Goodies Cafe Park.

The cozy ambiance instantly relaxes you from a tiring drive.

Fencing the place are blue chai plants that are actually used in some of Mayan House’s dishes and drinks. These plants produce herbal flowers and are organically grown around the restaurant.

An outdoor area is also available for a more spacious and breezy dining with the trees, hanging plants, and the lights around.

Let’s start off with coffee and tea (P60). Mayan House of Goodies serves the refreshingly different looking Mayan Ternatea (blue chai tea) and coffee in a press where you can personally make your own cup right in front of you.

An effect of the hot Mayan Ternatea is after 15 minutes, your body starts to feel relaxed and calm, relieving stress. It is also full of antioxidants, improves memory and eyesight, and lowers blood pressure.

It’s quite interesting in the cold version too. As you add lemon, the color changes from blue to pink (great trick for the kids). And here are their other thirst-quenching drinks—Mayan Ternatea, House Blend Iced tea, and Lemonade (P45).

Their dishes all have a hint of Laguna with Kesong Puti to top their pastas. The Pesto (P150) is all homemade and does not scrimp on ingredients.

So does the Spaghetti with Meatball (P160) which the kids will definitely love. The meatball tastes really good too.

The Cheesy Baked Mac (P110) served to you hot and melted is comfort food all the way.

And speaking of comfort food, nothing satisfies your craving more than the Smash Burger with Mozarella (P195) in it! A burger without cheese is like a hug without cheese!

This is my son’s favorite—an 8-inch Supreme Pizza (P170) that he had all for himself. Pizza and kids just mix together so well.

The Nachos (P295) is hefty and a perfect appetizer.

But the Kesong Puti Sticks (P250) will truly set the mood of welcoming you to Laguna.

The Mayan Country House Meals have liempo and breaded pork chop versions (P150) which are served with vegetables and blue rice (Mayan Ternatea Rice). Blue rice is something you don’t get to eat everyday, so might as well try it here.

One of the specialties of the Mayan House of Goodies are the sweets! Here are the all-stars: Brazo De Mercedes (P30), Banana Walnut Muffin (P40), Nutty Brownies (P30) and Cheese Muffin (P30)—not overpoweringly sweet but just right to cap off any meal and satisfy your sweet tooth.

New York and premium cheesecakes are also served (starting at P75). And if there’s also a Cheesecake Platter (P300) which has two New York Cheesecakes (your choice of topping: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, four fruits, dolce de leche), one Lemond Curd, and one Chocolate Espresso.

That was a pretty satisfying dining experience at the Mayan House of Goodies. It’s an affordable cafe along the way, and you may even get to chat with the owner for a few stories or two. Plus, you’ll get that healthier alternative to fast foods with the cozy container ambiance to match!


Mayan House of Goodies Cafe Park

National Highway Purok 4 Libis Brgy Lalakay Los Baños, Laguna
Facebook & Instagram : @mayanhouseofgoodies
Tel : 0906 527 4855
Open :  Tues-Sun (12pm – 9pm : Tues-Thurs / 12pm – 10pm : Fri-Sun)

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