Photoshopped or Not? What Do You Think of This Photo of Mar Roxas?

Making rounds on social media is a photo of what looks like a campaign sortie of presidential candidate Mar Roxas.

It looks like a simple campaign photo with Roxas’ supporters attending the the sortie. However, what’s making this photo go viral is the comments of most netizens, saying that it looks “photoshopped.”

Take a look.

Roxas campaign photo (1)

Photo from: Mar Roxas’ Facebook Page

The said photo was posted last March 22. It has around 3.8K reactions and over 1.8K comments.

One of our readers sent a eyeball comparison of the photo, pointing out certain discrepancies.

Roxas campaign photo (2)

One commented why he thinks the photo was edited because of “unrealistic and inconsistent lighting, mismatched pixels and detail sharpness.”

Roxas campaign photo (3)

Another also said it’s edited due to the resolution of the photo, sharpness of some faces, and contrast yet it’s just a photo so “okay lang yan.”

Roxas campaign photo (4)

One netizen suggested a simple way to see if it’s edited is to draw a horizontal line and compare heads. “Some groups have bigger heads, some have tiny baby heads.”

Roxas campaign photo (5)

One netizen implied that what the photo shows is possible, saying that Roxas’ sorties are really packed with people, called out to stop “misinforming others.”

Roxas campaign photo (6)

How about you? Do you think it’s a legit photo of the sortie or was it edited?