Philippine DotA 2 Team Wins Php26 Million at WESG

Do you still remember the days when you’d play DotA for hours on end and your mom screaming at you for playing a computer game for so long? Well, now you can send her this article and show her what playing DotA really well can lead to. :p

Last Sunday, TNC Predator from the Philippines took home $500,000 (or around Php26 million) in the championship round of the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) 2018’s DotA 2 tournament where they beat Keen Gaming from China.

This is their second win at the WESG tournament after their win in 2016. Read their victory post on Facebook here:

This year’s TNC lineup consisted of players Timothy Randrup, Armel Paul Tabios, Kim Villafuerte Santos, Nico Barcelon, and Marc Polo Luis Fausto. Marc played in place of their team captain Kuku Palad.

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