PF Chang’s, Alabang Town Center: A First in the Philippines, and in Asia


Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a love affair with food. What started as bonding with the family has now turned into a full blown passion.

I pride myself in being very adventurous with food, I’ve been known to say I will try anything once.


When In Manila, I’m sure it’s very obvious that most Filipinos, like me, are very open when it comes to food. The diverse population in the country has opened our palettes to different tastes and cuisines. This is one of the reasons why one very successful brand has decided to come to Manila.


World famous PF Chang’s has just brought their very first restaurant here in the Philippines. The first in a completely Asian setting, PF Chang’s is a contemporary fusion restaurant which serves Chinese dishes.



I got the chance to experience the food first hand last Tuesday when they invited us over for lunch. The first branch in Alabang Town Center’s newly renovated area is a two floor space which can seat 240 people. Outside, we saw these terra-cotta warriors and these majestic horses welcoming and ushering diners into the restaurant.




These Terra Cotta Warriors are replicas of those unearthed from the tomb of Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China.


Two 11-foot horses guard the entrance.


The inside is very simple, bright, and spacious. Chinese accents and decorations adorn the place. A hand-painted Chinese mural stands as the ground floor’s centerpiece.





These Terra Cotta Warriors are everywhere!


The meal started with Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Dynamite Shrimp served as appetizers.


Dynamite Shrimp: Although a little spicy, this a favorite! Coming back for more of these!


This is half (?) an order of the Chicken Lettuce Wrap. Couldn’t stop myself from eating this.


Different dipping sauces for different tastes and needs.


Now on to the main menu! We had:


Chang’s Spicy Chicken, good and not as spicy as the Dynamite Shrimps.


Mongolian Beef made with U.S. Angus  beef!


Shrimp with Candied Walnuts; The shrimp, honeydew melons, and walnuts are great together. Another favorite.


Chengdu Spiced Lamb. Very nice.


Lo Mein, Chinese stir fried egg noodles.


Sichuan Style Asparagus. I love my vegetables!

At PF Chang’s, everything is delivered fresh and prepared daily. This assures the quality of everything that comes out of their kitchen.

The dishes here, with an emphasis on simplicity and detail, consist of only 3-4 ingredients each.

Food here can also be customized and made to be gluten free. A vegetarian menu is also available.

Aside from the good food, they have a vast beverage and alcohol menu. From signature cocktails like their Organic Agave Margarita, to their handpicked wine selection, and simple Tamarind Iced Tea drinks, I’m sure they have whatever it is that will quench your thirst.


PF Chang’s ensure their customers of quality service. A special staff was even brought in from different countries to train the local staff who will be serving us here.


They were all smiles as they served us our cocktails. They catered to our every whim! 

During the lunch we also met the people behind this restaurant that was two years in the making. Plans of building more branches in the Philippines are still in the works.


Genaro Perez Diaz (Director of International Marketing, PF Chang’s), Michael Welborn (President of Global Brand Dev’t, PF Chang’s), Philip Chiang (co-founder, PF Chang’s restaurant chain), and Archie Rodriguez (President and CEO, Global Restaurant Concepts, Inc.)


Archie Rodriguez (Global Restaurant Concepts) is PF Chang’s Philippine partner.


With none other than Philip Chiang!

 Now that it has finally arrived, When In Manila, make sure you get to try PF Chang’s. The good food, the restaurant’s attention to detail, and the excellent service will definitely make this one of Manila’s favorite restaurants.

 PF Chang’s will finally be open to the public starting today, January 19, 2012. See you there!

PF Chang’s Philippines

Alabang Town Center


687 5611