Peanut Butter Company: Peanut Butter with a Delicious Twist!

As a kid growing up in Canada, my mom would always pack my lunch and more often than not, it would be a peanut butter- banana sandwich. In fact, I’d often have peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast or as a snack, suffice to say, peanut butter was a childhood staple. Unfortunately, as I grew up, my love for it fizzled out as I began to develop more “sophisticated” taste buds. Nevertheless, when in Manila, I came across an establishment called, Peanut Butter Company (PB CO.) of which the name alone was enough to prompt me to give it a try in hopes of reliving childhood memories.




As you’ve probably figured out by now, Peanut Butter Company is an establishment that not only sells jars of peanut butter in a wide range of flavors, but it serves savory dishes as well with, of course, peanut butter being the central ingredient. I seriously felt like a five-year-old again and couldn’t figure out what to order since everything sounded delicious, so I asked the waitress to bring out their best-sellers, this is what was served:



White Chocolate PB Cherry Milkshake (P185). This was thick, creamy and insanely delicious! I took one sip and could not stop drinking! The first thing you taste is a pop of cherry then comes the peanut butter. I know PB is good with fruits and all, but I would’ve never thought of this flavor combination! Good job, PB Co.! Good job!



Roast Beef Sandwich (P185). The roast beef with onions, served in between a couple of slices of toasted bread, was tender and juicy, but what really impressed me as to how easily the creaminess of the Cardamon peanut butter went together everything! After one bite, I was literally shaking my head because I could not believe how yummy it was! Definitely a must- try!



Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich (P135). Talk about a trip down memory lane! Nothing brings back childhood memories like a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow fluff!



PB Sandwich Burger (P185). Being one of the best- sellers, I had high expectations for this. Don’t get me wrong, it was yummy, but personally, it fails in comparison to the 3 items previously mentioned. This was made use of Sesame peanut butter.



Fish Diablo Pasta (P185). Basically this is pasta with bits of fish fillet and red and green bell pepper. However, take note that the sauce is made up of Chili peanut butter, suffice to say, this was pretty spicy, thus living up to its being fish DIABLO pasta.


Burger Ala Pobre (P165). A beef patty drizzled with peanut butter and served with rice.


BBQ Wings (P165). With 6 pieces of bbq wings drizzled with PB, this was pretty good as not only was the skin crunchy, but it was juicy inside, I also liked how it was drenched in sauce as that was what helped the dish burst with flavor.



Overall, I had a great time and definitely enjoyed what was served, though the next time I come back, I plan on giving their “Elvis, The King” and “White Chocolate Orange” sandwiches a try. So, when in Manila and craving for some good ‘ol peanut butter as it is or with a surprisingly delicious twist, head on over to Peanut Butter Company and let your inner kid out!


Peanut Butter Company

SM Mall of Asia

8757 Paseo Center, Makati


Peanut Butter Company: Peanut Butter with a Delicious Twist!



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