Pay It Forward: For the Kankana-ey Tribe Community

Pay It Forward, an advocacy project for a better and transformative learning experience for the Sitio Kabuyao Elementary School students and safe farming for the Kankana-ey tribe farmers happening on November 15, 2019 at Sitio Kabuyao Mt. Sto Tomas Tuba, Benguet. 

Pay It Forward is a project that was created after the exposure of Justine Bitancor, a De La Salle University-Manila student to a tribe community at Sitio Kabuyao. She chose that community for her thesis project and throughout her visits and journey last year, she slowly fell in love with the community, its preserved traditions, rituals and their simplicity of life. 


Last September, Justine started her mission and vision, contacting sponsors and partners to make this whole advocacy project come to life for the Kankana-ey tribe. After a thorough study, the project’s main objective was to give a goodie bag that contains school supplies to the students of Kabuyao Elementary School, rain gears and clothes to farmers of the tribe. 

Justine integrated her small earrings business, Lueur. wherein 10% of the income per pair is allotted to the project. Different organizations have offered help such as Give.PH and One Tribe. Individuals from all sectors have sent their donations after hearing about the project. 

As of November 8, more than PHP 130, 000. 00 worth of in-kind and cash donations were received. 

“It’s very heartwarming and fulfilling to be able to share my advocacy and love for my Kankana-ey tribe family to the world. I only planned a small gift giving day but with God’s grace, everything came through and it was more than we all hoped for.” Justine said. 

The event will be happening on November 15, 10:00AM at the Kabuyao Elementary School grounds. 

For more information, feel free to contact Justine Bitancor at 0927 026 2077 or justine_bitancor@dlsu.edu.ph.

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