Patio Pacific Boracay: A Piece of Home in Boracay

When I think of Boracay, I think of the infectious beats and the multi-colored lights that shoot up in the sky, while moonlight shines over its waters. I think about locals and tourists laughing over a shared joke with beer in hand, and lovers strolling along the shore barefoot.

Patio Pacific 22

Boracay has been named as the World’s Best Island, and with that recognition succeeds a reputation of it being the island that never sleeps. One goes to Boracay for a week of debauchery with friends, seeking days of adventure and nights of thrill.

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With its newfound identity as a party island, it seems it would be unlikely to find respite and a homey place to dwell in for the duration of your stay in Boracay. But Patio Pacific Boracay stays to its roots and offers a cozy, warm experience that feels like home.

Patio Pacific

Opening in 1990, Patio Pacific has since grown into a 65-room hotel, with various amenities like an outdoor pool, a wall climbing facility, a gym, a restaurant, a lounge, and a convention hall. It’s one of the first hotels that opened its doors on the island.

Patio Pacific is located at Station 1 of Boracay, near D’Mall. It’s not on the beach front, but it should be a quick 1-minute walk to the beach. There’s a shortcut from Patio Pacific’s West Wing that would quickly lead you to the sandy shore.

Island Star Express 9

We arrived at our hotel courtesy of Island Star Express. From the moment we arrived at the front office, we were greeted with necklaces, made out of puka shells. Every member of their team — from their general manager and guest relations officer, to their servers, housekeeping and security staff — exuded genuine kindness and hospitality, going out of their way to make sure each guest is cared for.

Patio Pacific 8

Their rooms are clean, spacious and homey, making one feel at ease upon entering. Three to four people can easily fit in the deluxe bedroom that we were given. The rooms at Patio Pacific will be undergoing renovation sometime in August this year, so I could only imagine how the bedrooms would be like by then.

Patio Pacific 5

Deconstructed Pinakbet

One of the highlights worth mentioning at Patio Pacific would be the food. Their food is insanely amazing and gives great value for money. Their menu has clearly been given much thought, resulting in a cohesive explosion of Asian and Filipino dishes that complement one another. It’s rare for me to look forward to eating at a hotel restaurant, but this was one of the few times when I looked forward to waking up in the morning or coming back from the beach for a great meal.

Patio Pacific 2

The Watermelon Sinigang has a bright, sweet-sour taste.

Patio Pacific 3

The crispy pasayan (Visayan for shrimp) brings the best out of this fresh catch: it’s so crispy, you can even eat the head.

Patio Pacific 11

Ginataang tinola for a creamy twist to the loved chicken broth dish.

Rice-lovers will rejoice in Patio Pacific’s different interpretations: there’s the Aligue Rice, Bagoong Rice, and Squid Ink Rice, each flavorful in their own ways.

Patio Pacific 4

Aligue Rice

Patio Pacific 13

Bagoong Rice

Patio Pacific 31

Squid Ink Rice

Patio Pacific 14

The Sisig-Stuffed Squid was also sublime. The squid was cooked well and had a great texture, while the sisig added some punch in flavor. This dish would go great with beer as well.

Patio Pacific 10

How could something as simple as the Camaron Rebosado be so yummy? I kept calling it “popcorn shrimp”, which was what it looked like when it was served to us in a newspaper-like cone. The crunch of the breading was fantastic, with the shrimp tender and flavorful. It was an overall tasty dish and something I fell in love with, that I ordered it as baon when I left Boracay days later.

Patio Pacific 40

Birthday Noodles. Because what’s a Pinoy feast without pancit?

Of course, no meal as sumptuous at this should be ended without a dessert. They have a variety of creamy milkshakes and other dessert plates to choose from.

Patio Pacific 7 Patio Pacific 44

Banana Split and Fried Leche

Patio Pacific 37Patio Pacific 12

Chocolate S’mores Milkshake and Salted Caramel Milkshake

Patio Pacific 19

Aside from the beach, you can ask the staff to help arrange adventure packages for you such as snorkeling and ATV tours, at an affordable rate. We tried the Boracay Adventure World ATV package, and needless to say, I will be doing this again when I get back to Boracay.

Patio Pacific 24

I’ve ridden an ATV before in my visits to Boracay but this so far takes the cake,  providing the best route and side trips. We conquered a rough road full of uphill roads, downhill roads, and hairpin curves while making a quick stop at a secluded beach, untouched in its beauty.

Patio Pacific 27

This beach was one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever laid my eyes on. We were out in the sunlight, its rays shining on clear, cerulean waters crashing onto the cream-colored shore. There was no one else when we arrived, and so we reveled in our solitude. The action back at the lively Station 1 was captivating, but this beach had an arresting beauty about it.

Patio Pacific 47Patio Pacific 46

Patio Pacific 45Patio Pacific 16

If you’re not feeling up to leaving the hotel for some fun, then Patio Pacific has some in-hotel activities to bring out the adrenaline rush like their wall-climbing facility. They have two levels — easy and difficult — and if your athletic prowess is anything like mine, it’s not as easy as it looks. My partner, however, reached the top of the wall in all of two minutes, so it would really depend on your individual strengths.

Patio Pacific 35 Patio Pacific 36

Waiting for the sunset at Station 1

Patio Pacific 34

The famous Boracay sunset

Patio Pacific 48

If you want a hotel that has great value for money, full amenities, a hospitable staff, and amazing food, then check in at Patio Pacific Boracay for your next summer escapade.

Patio Pacific Boracay’s deluxe rooms start at P3500. Prices may change according to the season.

Patio Pacific Boracay

(036) 288 3888

Station 1, Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Rd, Malay, 5608 Aklan


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