Pati LaBelle Gets Honored (and Spoofed) at the BET Awards 2011

Before we came to know the powerful divas namely Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner, it was Patti LaBelle who ruled the concert stages and airwaves. Iconic artist Pati La Belle received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the BET Awards 2011 for her outstanding contribution in the music industry for the past few decades. La Belle was clearly moved by the message of the African-American artists who have looked up on her as an inspiration. She also got to be entertained when Cee-lo appeared onstage to spoof her while singing his version of “Somebody Like You” and the artists’ pseudo-interview about her.


patti labelle icon

Still kickin' it!



La Belle got to have a few hearty laughs when Cee-lo put on hairspray while singing (you know how hair’s poufy back in the days). He also imitated La Belle’s trademark funny onstage habits, including kicking his shoes on the crowd.  Cee-lo even managed to curse onstage, yet everything have turned out to be okay. La Belle even seems to be pleased with Cee-lo’s act.


Patti LaBelle is the lead singer of La Belle, the trio girl group who popularized the spunky hit song ‘Lady Marmalade’. It was later on made into an equally impressive revival by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Pink and Mya for the ‘Moulin Rouge OST’. When In Manila or anywhere else, do check out these video and take yourself into a journey down memory lane.


Lady Marmalade (Original Version by La Belle)


Lady Marmalade (Revival) Christina A., Lil Kim, Mya, Pink