These Paparazzi Shots of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are Too Cute!

There are a lot of celebrity couples out there that we love; but right now, our spotlight is currently on newly-weds Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Aside from simply looking great together, the two are also very funny people – the kind we’d love to be friends with in real life.

If you follow Sophie on social media, you should know how hilarious she is, especially in her Instagram stories (her post-‘Game of Thrones’ episodes stories are my faves!).

Well, what their fans are currently raving about is how the two handle paparazzi. While some celebrities try to avoid paparazzi altogether and some even go so far as to hit them and chase them away, Sophie and Joe have decided to simply ride the waves and troll them whenever they can. Here are some of our favorite paparazzi shots of Joe and Sophie:

Even when paparazzi caught Sophie crying on camera last year, she found a way to make a joke out of it, claiming she was on her period:

Who’s your favorite celebrity couple at the moment?

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