Papa John’s BIG TIME TREAT in Tomas Morato!




When In Manila, and planning to eat in one of the best pizza joints in town, Papa John’s is the place to go to. Papa John’s is an American restaurant that serves our Italian favorites: pizza and pasta. Papa John’s restaurant was founded by John N. Schnatter and has been in the Philippines for two years. 




Papa John’s restaurant is known for its tagline “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” meaning all their ingredients are shipped fresh internationally in the Philippines. The pizza dough they use are made from scratch, hand-tossed and baked to its light and fluffy perfection.





Of course, on top of that soft pizza dough is a layer of Papa John’s all-natural sauce. I personally believe that Papa John’s pizza sauce is their crowning glory. Since it’s made from fresh-packed tomatoes all the way from California, their sauce is way better tasting than the sauces made from canned and concentrated tomatoes.





Papa John’s has been sprouting big time around the globe for quite some time now because it’s one pizza restaurant that has a lot to offer. Aside from their mouthwatering dishes, they also offer a great place to hangout in!




My friends and I were privileged to eat in one of their biggest branches: Papa John’s Tomas Morato. It’s their only branch that features bands that play acoustic music! This duo was really good and was very generous to accommodate our song requests. Their “Call me Maybe” version was our favorite!





This was our view from Papa John’s balcony, the rising nightlife of Tomas Morato. 

Great food tied-up with a great place to dine in makes Papa John’s the ideal place to spend time with great company! Knowing this, Papa John’s came up with their latest promo called the “Big Time Treat.” Essential for those reunions this coming “ber” months, don’t you think?


For only 999 Php you can get 2 servings of pasta and seasoned potato wedges, 14-inch pizza and 5 glasses of soda. If you think you’ll be needing more, don’t fret! The Big time Treat promo has a larger serving good for 12 people. On top of that, your group will also be getting free Treats from Hershey’s. This is their newest addition to their chocolate line up. 






Now off to the food. Papa John’s potato wedges are paired with their all-natural pizza sauce. The potatoes are baked and made from fresh ingredients. It’s 100 % guilt-free and good for the health conscious consumers.





For pasta lovers like me, Papa John’s Carbonara and Bolognaise are a must-try! The white sauce of the Carbonara was perfectly seasoned while the bolognaise had that garlic-tomato taste I couldn’t resist. 





And of course, the Big Time Treat won’t be as “big time” without Papa John’s pizza!

The crust of Papa John’s pizza was neither too thick or to thin. It was just right. The pizza sauce complemented the cheese and it wasn’t “nakakasawa” because you can really taste the fresh ingredients used. Unlike other pizzas, their dough had that compact yet fluffy inside. It wasn’t oily at all and it smelled so good! 





Another new experience for my friends and me was eating Papa John’s pizza with garlic dipping sauce and pepperoncinis! Surprisingly, the jalapenos weren’t that spicy. It was sweet at first and then it had that hot kick at the end. 





To cap off the night, Papa John’s gave us two additional desserts to devour. Aside from Hershey’s Treats we also ate the Choco Magma and Apple pie. Both were sinfully sweet and delicious. We couldn’t get enough of everything!





While eating Hershey’s Treats, I attempted to make that “commercial worthy” bite. Haha. I tried!





Pizza, potatoes and pasta from Papa John’s, what a great way to spend my weekend! Thank you so much Papa John’s for letting us try your Big time Treat!




Visit Papa John’s Tomas Morato branch and try their Big Time Treat!




For more updates visit their website and facebook page.






Thank you to: Vijay Navani, Gian Recalde, Rain Pangindian (photographer) and Mark Palad











Papa John’s BIG TIME TREAT in Tomas Morato!



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