Palawan River: 1 of 7 New Wonders of Nature


 Palawan Underground River New 7 Seven Wonders of the World Philippines wheninmanila manila


When in Manila, make sure you make it a point to fly over to Palawan to check out Palawan River, one of the newly declared New Wonders of Nature! According to news reports, “the New7Wonders Foundation, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland, came up with the list based on votes through text messaging and Internet voting, which ended Friday.”



According to the New7Wonders Foundation, Palawan River dubbed as one of the new wonders of natures is a result of the current tallying of votes, however, the foundation has yet to verify the results and will confirm the winners in early 2012. Out of a list of over 400 locations and over 220 countries,  other gems of nature that have graced the list in the initial counting include the Amazon, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo, and Table Mountain.


“The new wonders that have been selected are the people’s choices,” the group New7Wonders explained. The new Wonders of Nature will then “bring our natural heritage onto the same level of appreciation as that which has been made by humans,” the group added.


“We congratulate each of these participants on achieving their provisional New7Wonders of Nature status, and look forward to completing the confirmation process to celebrate each one in their own official inauguration ceremony early in 2012,” the New7Wonders Foundation said.


Given all the bad media that our country has been receiving as a result of NAIA Terminal 1, this is truly a breath of fresh air and a title that the Philippines should not only be proud of but hopefully is one of the many positive titles that have yet to come. 



Palawan River: 1 of 7 New Wonders of Nature