#PaGigNiMayor: A 2-day Celebration


It is no secret that the local indie scene has been thriving, especially within the last year. Bands and artists have been releasing new material, switching up their styles, and overall just proving that OPM is still very much alive. Of course, one of the main driving forces of the local scene’s expansion is none other than the fans themselves. Without their support, how would the scene continuously grow?

When fans get together in order to take their love for the bands and the scene to the next level, prods are formed. Thanks to these prods, amazing shows have been set up throughout the Metro and beyond. One of the newest additions to the scene’s organizers, QuidProQuo, is a group of indie supporters that are dedicated to the advancement of local indie.

One of QuidProQuo’s members, Gelo Riego, will be celebrating his 22nd birthday this February 23. Known as the “Mayor ng Indie Scene,” Gelo has shown his support and dedication by his constant attendance in gigs, and of course being a friend to all. In celebration of another year of his life (and of the indie scene), QuidProQuo will be hosting not just ONE gig, but a two-part gig series named “Pa-gig ni Mayor” (#PaGigNiMayor) to be held on February 22 and February 24, in Route 196 (Katipunan) and Jess and Pat’s (Marikina) respectively.

The lineup features well-loved bands Jensen and the Flips, MilesExperience, SUD, Tom’s Story, Banna Harbera, and even a special set from LPG (Sud Ballecer, Jensen Gomez, and Miles Bondoc)! Fresh, up and coming bands such as The Bedtime Stories—which, by the way, Gelo manages—Comic, The Strange Habits, and When at 6 will also be featured!

If you’re looking for a night of friends, good food, and of course great music, don’t hesitate to drop by! Entrance is pricedat P250 per day, or P400 if you buy a 2-day pass! Each ticket comes with one free drink, and of course, a guaranteed good time.For inquiries, you may contact QuidProQuo on Facebook and Twitter.

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