Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Zombiefest is Back!

When In Manila, what happens when you spend your halloween at the world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom? Organizer Angelo Cruz says, “Halloween is known as the spookiest time of the year. Some people spend Halloween trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, or exchanging ghost stories. But runners here at Outbreak Manila face the real deal—hordes of zombies that are making them run for their lives”.

Well, this year, me and my friends were lucky enough to experience the third wave of Outbreak Manila: Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom is. Here’s my story to share.


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom Experience

My first time to drive to Sta. Rosa just too experience Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom was so fun! Leaving Manila at 6pm, we reached Sta. Rosa Exit at around 7:30pm and got stuck with traffic until around 8:15pm. Finally reaching the gates of Enchanted Kingdom, we were so excited for the thrill that day. The world class theme park was turned into a zombie infested horror house. 


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom


This time, instead of running, I decided to take photos and observe the event. The run started with Booster C shots given to starting runners. Runners were released in waves. Compared to the last two outbreaks, the waves in Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom were less but more runners in each wave. Within a wave, the runners were still divided into 3 smaller waves that avoided overcrowding.  


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Booster C Shots


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Wave 14


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Runners run towards the Zombie infested route


I should say these area were the most infested parts of the entire run.


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Ticketing Area


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Entrance


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Nearing Anchor’s Away


The route was creatively done that we really passed by almost the whole of the theme park. We even entered the Log Jam ticketing lines, climb the wooden bridge and got off the food court area. The feel of Enchanted Kingdom was pretty scary with the matching scary background sounds and screams from the runners. The route also included the race track which was also infested with different kinds of zombies. Water stations were also available in various areas of the theme park.


 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Food court area


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Food Court Area


The race track area was so open that from afar, zombies can be seen lurking and chasing runners. At this point I’m sure most runners were already exhausted from running away from zombies.


 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Runners saving flags from zombies


After the race track was the swan lake, then to the Rialto. At this area, I felt creepy because of the synchronize of sounds and lights. Plus the location itself, made it more realistic. Oh and yes, a female zombie was standing right at the middle of the street just staring at the runners. If I was running for flags, this is the area I would really be scared off.


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Scary woman at Rialto


 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Runners on the go!

 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Zombies lurking


Of course, Enchanted Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without the carousel. Yes, even the carousel was infested with zombies!


 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Carousel

The famous Rio Grande was also part of the route, runners need to go up the out on the other side.

 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: To Rio Grande


 The run didn’t end without the newest addition, A HAUNTED HOUSE. Although this area was where the population started building. Honestly speaking, I got more scared inside that when I was out with zombies around. I don’t know, maybe its my imagination that worked once I stepped in. Too bad we weren’t allowed to take photos.



Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Runners waiting outside the haunted house. 


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The haunted house 


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Zombies

 So here are some of the zombies we caught on cam!


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The Mummy  


 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Zombiefied Spiderman


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom


 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The youngest of them all



 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The Nun 

More photos here


Overall, Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom was a mix of fun, excitement and experience! Running 5km just to see if you can get pass hundreds of zombies? Really worth the experience! And of course you get to have a finisher’s medal afterwards 🙂 A token for surviving the Outbreak! 


Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Medal


So the first in Asia to have a zombie outbreak inside a theme park…Well, it only happens at Enchanted Kingdom!   

Where will the infection spread next? “Outbreak has set its sights on Cebu! Outbreak Cebu will be at Parkmall, Mandaue City on December 21, 2012. We don’t know if the world will end like the Mayans predicted… but we do know that there will be zombies”, shares Cruz.




* * * 

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom is presented by Cherifer Premium, FOX, our official hydration partner Summit and 100 Plus, and our official venue partner Enchanted Kingdom. In cooperation with our official energy shot Booster C, Smart, Impact, Makeup Design Academy, and PLDT. And also brought to you by Black Beauty, Brooks. Burlington, Burnwater Art Design, Coleman, Gala, Hawk Bags, San Miguel Coffee, Hero TV, Jam 88.3, Juice.ph, MEA, Mellow 94.7, Men’s Health, Mogu Mogu, Philstar.com, Pinoy Fitness, RUNNR, Runner’s World, Solar Sports, Symbol Science, Toby’s, Total Fitness, Wicked Sauce, and Women’s Health.


For more information, visit www.outbreakmanila.com.

 Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: Zombiefest is Back!



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