Organic So Easy Colon Cleansing Diet: Body Cleanse Naturally

When in Manila…or anywhere else in the world, go get your colon clean with Easy PhaMax’ So easy!


Is this really what you want? Enlarged intestines, big tummies, colon cancer? If not, then read on!



I have heard of the famous wheat grass and all its health benefits such as purifying the liver, improving blood problems, etc. There are various brands promoting their own wheat grass, each claiming that they are better than the brand before. I have to be honest and admit that the only wheat grass I’ve tried and stuck with is Easy Phamax’ wheat grass. It is not only healthy, but it tastes good too! Feels as if I were just having a healthy fruit shake.


Last Saturday, I was given the chance to document and observe a session of the So Easy PhaMax Life Camp. At first, I even thought of not going; telling myself that I didn’t need it. I felt so lazy that I didn’t want to wake up early to attend a seminar I knew nothing about and had nothing to do with. Well, I’m glad I changed my mind and went anyway! I, being the very outdated person when it comes to these stuffs, had no idea that Easy PhaMax had already released a bunch of other healthy powdered drinks other than their famous wheat grass. This seminar focused mainly on their product So Easy, which was used for colon cleansing.


We arrived just as everyone was getting a minor check up to assess their weight, blood sugar and more. I went with my fiance, Philippe of and Hannah of We decided to get in on the action and check how we were doing too. I can’t remember ALL  the results but I remember they were good, and I remember them saying that my metabolism was that of a 17-year old! (haha) Talk about young and hyper! Love it!



Even before the seminar started, a man had already approached me and my friend and showed us a picture of his stool. I was really shocked at first, especially since I didn’t know this guy. Why would he be showing me his shit? As the seminar developed, I realized why.


Every day we eat lots and lots of delicious, oily, fattening and unhealthy food! Sure, they taste great, but are they good for our bodies? Of course not! I’m sure most of us already knew this even before we decided to ingest on the quarter-pounder! However, we always think that we’re still young; we always think that it’ll come back out the other end! We never really got too serious about it! Well, our body and how we should be taking care of it is NO laughing matter.


Today, we were graced with 3 speakers, each sharing a little about their So Easy experience.  My apologies for forgetting their names, but I think the first speaker’s name was Penny. She was a Malaysian and had an accent that really worked well for her. She spoke the longest about the product but was not at all boring. It was so much fun and informative to listen to her. My favorite part was how she kept saying “shit”, as in stool, over and over again! Really lightened up everyone’s mood.


One thing Penny mentioned is how we often risk our health for wealth, but as we grow older, the tables are turned and we need to sacrifice our wealth for our health.



As the seminar progressed, she started explaining that though we have regular bowel movement daily, it doesn’t prove that we are healthy. A lot of shit gets stuck along our intestinal walls, and as days progress these just keep getting thicker and thicker…harder and harder. Without even realizing it, we are already nursing a black hard stool that will grow to kill us as colon cancer. This hard stool stuck inside our intestine is called MUCOID.


Penny shared how she did the 15-day challenge and cleansed her system. Using So Easy, not only was she able to release all the hard mucoid, but she became more fit and looked so much more younger. During this detox, the hardened mucoid will come out in the form of stool and will actually copy the form of the portion of the intestine it was stuck in. Now, the pictures I’m about to show next might be disgusting to some, but I swear it isn’t! It’s shit.. stool… feces! ..but it looks nothing like it. Have a look for yourself.



She later on put all the pictures of all her shit/stool together and realized, it actually formed a puzzle of her intestine! The picture on the left is actual stool. It didn’t even look like stool anymore, but rather like her entire intestine. The picture on the right is an x-ray of her intestine and how she matched the different stool shapes to each part.



See how toxic our bodies are? Scary!! After hearing all these, I suddenly told myself that I would take the 15 day challenge! It’s a bit pricey, but then again, this is YOUR LIFE! Do you really think we can place a value on it? If we don’t act as early as possible, we could be spending even more on hospital bills and medicines. Don’t risk your health for wealth!


Later on during the seminar, a known nutritionist whose name sounded like Cheshire (from Cheshire cat) talked more about the health benefits and how to clean and prepare the body for detox! It was definitely a lot harder than it seemed. Either ways, if you were to purchase it, they would teach you how so it wouldn’t be a problem. She also showed us how to massage our tummies to help push out the unwanted stool/mucoid, as well as sleeping positions to aid. REMEMBER! If you are to do the detox, your body becomes very VULNERABLE! Hence, you should not eat anything besides what is prescribed or suggested to prevent causing further harm.



Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco also joined as and taught us some exercise strategies to help remove the mucoid! Most of the techniques taught were focused on the belly. She taught various massage techniques that seemed easy but apparently were not! Just like any exercise, it was tiring and muscles started aching after a while.



When in Manila, or anywhere in the world, be sure to grab your boxes of So Easy (Colon Cleansing). Let out all that toxic and unwanted mucoid from the body and start living a healthy lifestyle NOW!!


Organic So Easy Colon Cleansing Diet: Body Cleanse Naturally


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