Official One Direction account releases surprise on 10th anniversary of One Direction

Directioners all over the world were filled with love and nostalgia when they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the band’s formation yesterday, July 23, 2020. Many shared old photos of their merch, them lining up for tickets, or what they used to look like back then as superfans. It was sweet and sentimental and super wholesome, really. We were happy for the directioners, they deserved to have their special day even if nothing happened on the official end of things.

Except for about an hour or two ago! The official One Direction Twitter linked to a site that had a special surprise for fans, a timeline of sorts chronicling the band’s time together–from how and when they were formed to each era they had. Everything is cute and made people go aww! They even have a mixtape you can access if you log in through Spotify or Apple Music. It’s super sweet.

Check it out here, Directioners:

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