Obsessing Over Melafied’s Customized Hangers

 WHEN IN MANILA, I like seeing my name on my belongings. I remember back when I was in the first grade, my mom would label my books, waterjug, and even my pencils with stickers of name. Now, I’ve moved past the pencils with my name stickers to Parker pens with my name engraved on it. I don’t know, but there is just something magical and fantastic to an item that has your name written all over.


Melafied is an online store that sells fabulous and customized hangers! Yes, you heard me right! Here’s a sneak peek to the new glitter collection of Melafied!


Here’s a little confession: whenever I feel down, instead of eating chocolate or watching my favorite tv show like most people do, I open my closet and I marvel on my babies (side note: not the little crying living ones.) It makes me giddy to know that with Melafied, I can now dress the pieces that dress me up every morning with these fantabulous glittered hangers and it even has my name on it! Love, love, love!


Apart from creating customized hangers, Melafied also makes customized keychains! Apart from my obvious love for clothes, shoes, bags, and pink, I also love keychains! My keys used to travel with a gigantic stuffed heart keychain. Now, I opt for simpler and more sophisticated designs like this one.

So When In Manila readers, if you’re getting married and you’re wondering what something new you should buy, or just a crazy gal who loves seeing her name sprawled out on all of her belongings like me, check out Melafied for beautiful and customized items you don’t wanna miss WHEN IN MANILA.



Contact: 0918 941 4143

J Confessions: Obsessing Over Melafied’s Customized Hangers


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