NumberWorks’nWords: Helping Children Conquer the Fear of Math

Mathematics… one of our most dreaded subjects back when we were still young, or maybe even until today. Unless you were some sort of whiz kid or budding Einstein, Math and all those numbers just didn’t seem to make sense. But that was until NumberWorks’nWords came along.



One of the best ways to teach children is through play. Why? Well because they feel less stress, less pressure and just enjoy the moment. Established as a learning center that aims to solve the problem of making students like math and excel in it by conquering their fear of numbers, NumberWorks’nWords uses that idea with the simple “+ fun, – fear  formula“  to effectively strike a good balance between work and play, thus making Math fun , more rewarding and less stressful  for  students of various ages and levels. And the big difference? They teach Math through computer games! Nice!


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Being one of the first in the Philippines to offer Math  tutorial services using computer games, NumberWorks’nWords’ unique learning system treats  like a game that trains and develops the mind while enabling students to compete and emerge as winners in mastering numbers. Because this format does not employ the endless memorizations and drills used by other enrichment centers, the results are often different, becoming fun and positive.

According to owner Richard G. Yang, “There are some bright kids whose waterloo was Math… kids who excelled in all subjects except that when it came to numbers, they’d back out and let their QPA slide with their fear of Math, thus losing their chance of making it to the honor roll. But enrolling in NumberWorks ‘nWords changed all that. In fact, they learned to appreciate Math and even found the subject a lot easier than they imagined it to be.”


DSC_2999Owner, Richard G. Yang


The success of NumberWorks’nWords stems from its rewards system. “We employ positive reinforcement in our schools”, explains Richard Yang. “We use rewards-based methods so that kids end up highly encouraged and confident in learning Math while having fun.”


Upon enrollment, a student is given a comprehensive assessment to determine his level of achievement that becomes the basis of developing a personalized learning program tailor-fitted to his needs. Goals will be set for the student to achieve for the duration of his tutorials while his parents are continually advised of his progress. Based on his long-standing experience, Yang believes that conquering one’s fear of Mathematics has proven to boost a child’s self-confidence in school. He explains, “In fact, with their new and positive and fearless attitude towards Math, many of our students end up doing well in other subjects, apart from Mathematics. Now if only I could enroll myself in this… hmm..


NumberWorks’nWords was developed in New Zealand in 1984 and has service centers in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and in the Philippines.



Alabang – 7724655

Serendra – 8466268

Greenhills – 0917 3326944.