Nothing can prepare you for Pieta.



The show is set to the minimum. Well, physically. The set is simple yet resourced well. The lighting kept to a minimum. Furthermore, there are only four (4) characters in the play: the mother-Josephina, the father-Angelo and the kids-Nino and Maria. With the bareness and honesty of the play, there is room for the mind to trail and ponder.



I was also pleased with the concept of Pieta. There may not be much going on physically but there’s definitely depth to the play. This may be a “Dulang Pampamilya (family play)” as they say, but this isn’t a show for those weak hearted and those that aren’t ready to have their mind and emotions boggled by the art and the issues that Pieta tackles.



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This is the first time I’ve seen a play from the Shaharazade Theatre Company, but at this rate, I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last. Kudos to the team!


Pieta is definite must see!