Nokia 700 Review – Sleek, Smart, Sexy, Slim, Simply A Good Smartphone

Nokia 700

Nokia 700 Review

There was a point in time where cellphones are defined by how small they are, I mean ever remember the time when owning a Nokia 8910 made you the envy of the town? Yeah, pretty much everyone wanted their phones to be smaller, lighter and thinner. Then comes the time of the smartphones, where small doesn’t quite cut it anymore, because to fully enjoy a smartphone it has to have more screen size so you would be able to see more and touch the screen more comfortably… As phone makers push to have bigger screens on smartphones they fail to see that there are still people craving for that slimmer more compact phone form factor while still keeping up with the smartphone times. Nokia recognizes this need thus paving way to the creation of the Nokia 700 the smallest and slimmest smartphone in the current market.

Nokia 700’s Hardware

The Nokia 700 is one hell of a smartphone in terms of design, I mean upon holding the device there is no doubt that it is Nokia designed. The Nokia 700 base is made of a dark plastic material, this holds the slim silver coated volume rack, lock and camera buttons on the right side, while up on top it has holes for the micro usb port, charger port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Up front is another layer of darker plastic which holds the Corning Gorilla Glass covered screen along with the buttons for menu, answer and hangup button. The Nokia 700 back is covered with a metallic cover which is neatly shaped to accommodate the phone’s 5 megapixel camera with LED flash.

Clear Black is Awesome…

 One thing that impresses me with Nokia 700 screens on their recent smartphones is the Clear Black Display, simply because it mesmerizingly beautiful… you might remember from my N9 review that I have nothing but praise for the deep blacks stunning colors produced by Nokia’s AMOLED Clear Black display, plus apart from making the display colors more vivid, Clear Black also helps making the screen more visible under extreme lighting. Speaking of lighting… while the camera does not have a Carl Zeiss lens, it still takes some good quality photos. Of course you will still see the noticeable noise while taking photos in places that lacks proper lighting otherwise the photos are acceptable if you consider that it was taken by a 5mp camera.

Nokia 700 Improvements on Symbian

Symbian may be dead but Nokia most certainly kept its daughters very much alive on previous and current smartphones, I mean who would think that the Nokia N8 would still get a fully revamped OS with the Nokia Belle. Continuing with the review, Nokia 700 ships with Nokia Belle inside and surely it provides a different user experience from previous versions of Nokia’s Symbian OS. Overall, I had no problems with the fluidity of the OS, my only qualm is with the stock browser which provides extremely poor performance with that said it is also good to know that you are not limited to it since you could download Opera mini from the Nokia Store. Speaking of the Nokia Store, it was just recently that Nokia introduced the option to use regular cellphone load to purchase apps from the store, apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Doodle Jump were among the apps I tried to purchase, this actually gives Nokia an edge in the Philippine market where not many people have access to credit cards to pay for premium applications, sadly this is currently only available for Globe users, but hopefully they also implement this feature for other networks as well.

Nokia 700 Overview

Although people push the impression that Symbian is dead, owning a phone like the Nokia 700 really made me think about how the phone is actually no different from other phones in the market. Generally, the phone is great for calls and the functionality that you would usually ask for the phone is there… great apps, maps, browsing, camera, and social network all of that inside a super slim and sleek phone: The Nokia 700.

Nokia 700 Details

1.3Ghz ARM processor with 512mb RAM

3.2″ AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Clear Black Display

5mp fixed focus camera with led flash

Nokia 700 Links

Nokia 700 Official Philippine Nokia Minisite

 Nokia 700 Review – Sleek, Smart, Sexy, Slim, Simply A Good Smartphone



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