Ninja Made: Reliable and Flawless House Cleaning Service in the Philippines

I recently moved homes and although the owner of the townhouse I’m renting claimed that they had already cleaned the place before I moved in, I didn’t feel at ease. My sensitive nose kept sneezing and I just generally wasn’t impressed with how the whole place looked before it was turned over.

But then, as if it was fate, the Instagram Reel of a friend of mine showed up on my feed about her experience with Ninja Made. She seemed very happy with her experience, so I instantly reached out to the business to find out if they had an open slot to accommodate my needs before I officially moved.

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To my delight, they responded right away and the booking was done almost instantaneously – no stressing about having to find another option in case they don’t reply and no conflicts in schedule, either. Everything just fell perfectly into place. But first things first…

What are House Cleaning Services?

In case you didn’t know, house cleaning services exist in the Philippines for those who are moving homes and renting out homes, those who want to make sure cleaning is done right, and those who simply do not have time to clean themselves. If you have a busy schedule and can’t find time to clean your home (and let’s admit it: that’s a lot of us!), you can hire house cleaning services in the Philippines to get the job done for you instead while you sit back and relax or do something else with your time.

What is Ninja Made?

As impressive as Ninja Made’s house cleaning services are, what impressed me even more was how it started. Created by husband and wife, Pogs and Ace Lara, Ninja Made actually started as a passion project to provide livelihood programs in different communities. “We saw that the challenges in the communities that we are sponsoring weren’t the lack of capability but the lack of opportunity,” they explain. “They are being hindered by their educational background, gender, disability, and age.”

Pogs and Ace knew that the easiest way to help these people get the opportunity they deserve without needing to qualify for the above is through housekeeping. “We first tapped the help of our fellow countrymen in Singapore who own a rental property in Manila so we can provide jobs to our graduates,” they share. Once word got out, and because of their desire to help others, a social media influencer shared their business on Instagram.

This then paved the way for a bigger market of busy homes, health-conscious families, and OC clients. Seeing as how I discovered them on an Instagram Reel, as well, it just goes to show how powerful word-of-mouth is nowadays. And I am so proud of Ninja Made and their journey.

What are Ninja Made’s House Cleaning Services?

As a pioneer of professional home cleaning services in the Philippines, Ninja Made particularly specializes in services that most households or establishments may find challenging. For this, they have come up with a unique and rigorous six-step process that involves cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, steaming, sterilization, and air purification.

While they offer a slew of house cleaning services depending on your general needs, their most requested services are their decluttering and deep cleaning services.

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To clarify, deep cleaning doesn’t just mean using a certain vacuum or cleaning equipment. To Ninja Made, deep cleaning refers to a process with the end goal of helping every space achieve overall health, wellness, and a zen state of mind.

No matter what kind of challenge you may be going through in your home, Ninja Made’s aim is to help you create and maintain a healthy space to live in – and I absolutely love this goal of theirs. Whether you want to give more attention to your home, are going through a difficult phase in life, or have concerns like health or even hoarding; Ninja Made can help you get started in achieving that perfect home life.

What’s more, Ninja Made also helps ensure their clients’ well-being (and the environment!) by only using natural cleaning products from Hokage Mom by Ninja Made.

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These products effectively eliminate toxic pollutants and are guaranteed to be safe even for babies and pets. Additionally, Ninja Made continues to be the funding arm of Warrior Foundation where 100% of its profits go to providing for scholars, medical assistance, burial assistance, and community services.

Ninja Made House Cleaning Service Review

Having said that, let’s get back to my Ninja Made house cleaning service review. As mentioned earlier, Ninja Made was so easy to get a hold of, they communicated promptly and clearly, and they arrived at my new home earlier than expected. While I was already at ease knowing that my friend was satisfied with their job, I was surprised by how seriously they actually took the job.

Not only did they deep-clean my sofa and mattress to perfection, and clean all of the air-conditioners and rooms; but they also gave me feedback on the home I was moving into, in general. From paint jobs the owner needs to take care of, comments about taking better care of the walls, and really making sure they cleaned every corner (even the hardest-to-reach ones!), I could tell they really knew what they were doing and were more than happy to help me deal with regular cleaning issues on my own. They were all also very friendly, smiling, laughing, and joking as they worked which I find important to note because it goes to show that they are happy doing what they do.

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As a social enterprise, Ninja Made isn’t just focused on getting the business done either. Rather, they believe that every cleaning mission is different, and every home has a story to tell. While delivering the highest quality of cleaning, they also focus on how they can help their clients achieve overall wellness and help them maintain it once they finish the session. Because of this, I no longer feel the need to even try other house cleaning services in the Philippines at this point. I’m deeply satisfied with their house cleaning service and will keep supporting them moving forward.

How Much Do House Cleaning Services Cost in the Philippines?

This will depend on the size of the home and the house cleaning services you want to get done, but you will be happy to hear that Ninja Made actually caters to all areas around Metro Manila and nearby provinces. They also accept special bookings outside Luzon.

Get a quote from Ninja Made today.

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