News Anchor Julius Babao is YOUR Ultimate Style Tito of Manila!

In a day where bloggers are deemed influential for their taste in modern fashion and aesthetic Instagram feed, our eyes are set on ABS-CBN News Anchor and Reporter Julius Babao whose latest #ootds are a flurry forĀ social media users.

In a series of photo uploads on his Twitter account, the 48 year old broadcast broke the internet with his dapper, hypebeast street style outfits, particularly on his most recent trip to Japan (even bringing it home). Mr. Babao set the bar higher for his #ootd game, as if taken like a professional online influencer’s. Sticking to the neutral colors of black, grey and red, he also didn’t miss out on the hashtags and mentioning the brands he’s wearing. (Seemed like he’d grown comfortable with a favorite brand in particular.)

Not only did he take his swag on the streets, but also on his reporting duties for Bandila. Check out that fine combinationĀ of sharpness and sleek! He definitely pulled off the Tito of Manila card – certainly like a Sir!

Julius Babao 3 Julius Babao 2

Julius Babao 7 Julius Babao 1

Julius Babao 8 Julius 4

Julius Babao 10

Julius Babao 6

Julius 5

Julius Babao 9

Julius Babao proves he’s the coolest tito in town. Cash him outside pulling off another polished yet refined dapper look, how bout dah?!

Truly, the game has been changed. Stay woke with the latest trends, Mr. Babao!

Which one’s your favorite #ootd? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: does not own these photos.Ā All photos courtesy of Mr. Julius Babao’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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