New Law Now Lets National Athletes Enjoy Bigger Cash Incentives

National Athletes Incentives

A new law has been enacted that raises the amount and broadens the coverage of incentives, as well as improve the benefits, granted to national athletes, coaches and trainers.

The enacted law called Republic Act 10699, which repeals RA 9064 or the National Athletes, Coaches and Trainers Benefits and Incentives Act of 2001, aims to increase the amount of cash incentives given to winning athletes, coaches and trainers, and to include athletes with disabilities in the grant of benefits and incentives.

For the Olympic Games:

  • Gold medalists will be granted PhP 10 million
  • Silver medalists PhP 5 million
  • Bronze medalists PhP 2 million

For the Asian Games

  • Gold medalists will be entitled to PhP 2 million cash incentives
  • Silver medalists PhP 1 million
  • Bronze medalists PhP 400,000

For the SEA Games

  • Gold medalists will get PhP 300,000
  • Silver medalists PhP 150,000
  • Bronze medalists PhP 60,000

For team events with five or more participants, each member will get 25% of the cash incentives provided for the individual medal winners.

The bill seeks to grant every national athlete, coach and trainer 20% discount on transportation, hotels and other lodging establishments, restaurants, and purchase of medicine and sports equipment for their actual and exclusive use.

Winning national athletes will also be entitled to scholarship benefits in the form of full tuition fees in state colleges and universities.

Senator Sonny Angara headed the push to pass this bill.

For more info, find it here.

What other incentives should we give our national athletes for representing the country in various international sporting events?

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