Netizens React to Seized Luxury Cars in Batangas Port

A Ferrari and a Maclaren were both seized by the Bureau of Customs in Batangas Port according to news source.



Photo & News Source: Abs-Cbn

The Bureau of Customs seized the luxury cars as they were allegedly not declared. Netizens were quick to react to the luxury cars that were held in Batangas Port. Commenting that when it comes to luxury cars, the government were quick to seize it unlike the impending trash that the government lets in the country from other countries.

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“When they are luxurious cars, they seize them but when they are trash from a different country, it is not seized! Would love to bad mouth them!” A few stated the fact that people who can afford to buy luxury cars should be able to afford the taxes of such.

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Some reacted to the unnecessary purchases of these cars even when the Philippine roads are not equipped to handle them saying that they were merely accessories in the garage.

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“Suggestion: Use them as Police Cars for every luxury car that did not pay tax. Use it also for tourism” A few suggested alternative ways on how the government may use these cars for the better. How about you? What do you think can the government do to these seized cars?