Netizen Shares Sentiment About Old, Speeding Trucks and Recent Major Road Accident

Yesterday, if you have been traveling towards the east-side of Metro Manila, you were probably one of the many commuters who got stuck in a huge traffic jam that rooted from a major vehicular accident along Masinag in Antipolo.

Apparently, a 22-wheeler carrying sand was reportedly speeding the highway when it lost its brakes and hit an establishment. According to reports, several people were seriously injured due to this accident.

Car Accident Antipolo (5)

A netizen, Adrian Urbano, whose father got into the said accident posted photos of the accident and shared his sentiment on his Facebook Page yesterday. Fortunately, his father got out of the accident unharmed.

Car Accident Antipolo (2) Car Accident Antipolo (3) Car Accident Antipolo (4) Car Accident Antipolo (1)

On his post, he said:

Earlier today, my father got into an accident in Masinag, Antipolo when a 22-wheeler truck (Plate: CUR-454) hit the whole left side of his vehicle, along with an ambulance which was carrying a dead person, 2 ladies who were crossing the street, 2 parked cars, and it also broke through a wall of an establishment. Fortunately, my father and the driver of the ambulance were safe and unharmed. As for the driver of the truck, the ladies he hit, and the people inside the establishment, we’re still unaware about their condition.

As far as I know, the truck was running very fast while carrying a load of sand (not sure how much) which may have contributed to the failure of the truck’s brakes.

I’m baffled as to why the government still allows these very old and under-maintained trucks to operate. Trucks shouldn’t be running at very high speeds ESPECIALLY when they’re carrying loads of heavy material. The competence of most truck drivers in our country is also in question. The government and its people just keeps on making this country less and less safer to live in with each passing day.

And one more thing, the police can’t even control the crowd to stop from watching, the people were almost occupying a lane of the main road, adding more unnecessary traffic congestion in the area.

This just shows how crippled our government is at handling things, not to mention, preventing these kinds of events to happen, the implementation of laws here are short-lived, and are mere suggestions. The inefficiency, negligence, and blatant corruption of our government to take action and preventive measures regarding these matters almost killed my father, and they have killed and will continue to kill someone’s father, mother, son, daughter, cousin, or a friend if the government stays indifferent. Gising Pilipinas!

PS: I’ll bet, a few days from now, this will all be forgotten, as usual, in this country, Dementia and Alzheimer are a much more common illnesses than fever, heck even headache.

This scenario has happened before in different parts of the city. It’s sad that it is still happening.

Let’s keep reaching out to authorities and we hope they do something about this.

We should demand for safer roads!