Netflix to release choose-your-own adventure series with Bear Grylls’ ‘You vs. Wild’

If you are a fan of the show Man vs. Wild that stars legendary survival expert Bear Grylls then you will be excited to know that the daredevil is back. Netflix will be releasing a new interactive series that will feature Bear Grylls on survival missions and it will be up to you to decide his fate.

Netflix announced on Monday, March 18 that viewers will be able to dive into this ground-breaking, choose-your-own-adventure series starting April 10, 2019.

The first season will contain eight episodes. It is expected to give viewers the chance to think quickly on their feet via timed choices, ensuring the survival of Bear Grylls within some of the most dangerous environments on Earth.

You vs. Wild comes after the success of Netflix’s first live-action interactive hit, Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch that was released December 28, 2018.

Are you ready to lead Bear Grylls towards survival?