Nelly Furtado & GymClass Heroes LIVE! in MANILA 2012 Concert: Araneta got ROCKED!

When In Manila, you see everyone walks with his headphones on and listens to his type of music. Why not?! Filipinos live Music, we breathe with it! And I’m quite sure that at one point, just like me, you also danced and sang to the hits of Canadian Pop singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado and American hip-hop rap rock band GymClass Heroes! 

So when we heard of their concert at Smart Araneta Coliseum, damnnn! “We reallyyy gotta go!”

And yup, I went to that much awaited concert last night! So just in case you missed it, I so hope that once you reach the end of this blog, you feel like you were just with us, partying our Thursday night away! 

Game?! Let’s start singing along to their songs! Woooohoo!

OMG! GYMCLASS HEROES composed of Travie McCoy, front man; Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo, guitarist; Eric Roberts, bassist and Matt McGinley, drummer were onstage already when I arrived! So I literally ran in front to see them closer! Excited much, I am! 🙂

 Pinoy fans gamely do the Stereo Hearts pose! Yipeee!! So excited to hear the song LIVE!




I know.. didnt get to steady my hands while they were singing! Sorry, everyone was waving their hands up in the air!

Travy and Disashi, why U sing sooo good?! XD




Check out some of my perfect-rockin’-moment capture of GymClass Heroes-STARS!!! 🙂




  GymClass Heroes’ front man Travy Mccoy’s energy was sooo contagious! I didn’t realize I was dancing to the beat, already!








Lyrics?! Travy, you’re right, Pinoy fans know what to sing next! haha!




 When I heard Disashi Lumumba-Kasomo’s voice, I thought “Hey! This must be Live! So why is he lip synch….Oops! His voice is just really flawless!” 












Told ya, Travy and the whole band was crazily energetic!  








 Say goodbye to these talented and hyper guys of GymClass Heroes! Creative pose? Huhu.. We cant see your facesss!





 And now that you’re facing us, my crushie Eric Roberts is nowhere to be found! 🙁




Yup they threw their drumsticks, water bottles, towels, and a lot more. But seriously??? Even that scratch paper? XD




Let’s hold our breath as we wait for Nelly Furtado! 🙂 Wieeee!! Everyone doesn’t want to stand from his seat! 😛




Guys, here she goes… NELLY FURTADO!!! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!





Here are snippets of Nelly Furtado’s heartfelt performances! Some of the songs were “Say It Right” “I’m Like a Bird” and her single from her upcoming album named from “Spirit Indestructible”



And nice one guys! Nelly says thank you for the all the “Puto” that you sent to her dressing room!




Here is our dearest Nelly Furtado in action! No matter how she moves, I find her so stunning! Simply beautiful!
















I remember Nelly talk about music at the round table interview at EDSA Shang last August 15. She says “Im surprised that Im still so excited when I go to work! Everything seems new, even though I’ve done this so many times. It’s been 12 years but it still feels fresh to me. And that amazes me!” It is so evident last night, Nelly! 











Let’s groove with Nelly!!! 🙂













It was an amazing night, good music allows my soul to breathe, keeps my heart beating and tickles my lips to smile! And last night, I felt how music loves to play with our emotions,  how much it affects everyone’s feel. Truly, artists like Nelly Furtado and Gymclass Heroes have their surefire ways of reaching out to every person’s core.

Thank you Ms. Karen Sy of Rockstar Touring and to Ms. Jad Deveza of Dayly Entertainment!

I am now wondering When In Manila will we experience a mix of reminiscence and celebration of prevailing music again?! Seems like we have to wait for their return! 😀

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Nelly Furtado & GymClass Heroes LIVE! in MANILA 2012 Concert: Araneta got ROCKED!

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