LOOK: NAIA’s Baggage Carousel Now Has a CCTV Feed!

A photo circulating around Facebook shows newly installed CCTV feeds stationed around baggage carousels in NAIA 2. The feed televises the transfer of luggage from the cars onto the conveyor belt. This is a great installation because one of the most nerve-wracking parts about traveling is arriving back in NAIA and waiting for your luggage to come out.

This is cool.The baggage carousel in NAIA Terminal 2 has a CCTV feed showing how the bags are being loaded.Maybe to…

Posted by Paolo Go on Thursday, January 3, 2019

Even if you know that logically, there is most likely nothing wrong with your luggage; you’re still anxious for it to come out of the conveyor belt. Then, loading the luggage onto the belt takes some time in itself, and you’re just wondering if your bag sustained any damage, or if the fragile items survived the trip. After all, several videos have circulated in the past showing luggage just being thrown around like they were nothing important.

Now, at least a little bit of that anxiety can be soothed. According to comments on the post, there is a CCTV feed for every baggage claim station. Similar feeds are also operational in NAIA Terminal 1 and 3. The footage is also believed be live and not pre-recorded or looped, like others in the comments challenge it to be.

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