Must Watch: Horse Headed Guy Gives Gifts to the Homeless on Christmas in Baguio City

Must Watch: Horse Headed Guy Gives Gifts to the Homeless on Christmas in Baguio City


Baguio City is undeniably not just the melting pot of cultures due to the number of universities that reside in the area, but also the Artist Capital of the North. Staying true to the idea, local artists did an impromptu collaboration project using Social Media.

The concept was to spread joy all over the city without necessarily spending thousands of pesos in the process. The challenge was to share a creative Christmas with the indigent and street Children of Baguio City.

Just by using Facebook Groups, people who do not really know each other, but were willing to give their time and help, were able to combine their efforts as one.

The world of social media has made it easier for people to create events. This means anyone is now given a chance to extend their help.

With minimal costs, young and talented artists in Baguio together with the team of Pumped up Pranks roamed the streets of Baguio City to share materials and spread a sense of awareness.



The artists who joined used their own savings and were able to furnish the goods using team effort. Jackets with special designs have been sold  as a way to fund the project. While other young and just emerging artists shared what they could give.

Some of the students who joined volunteered to cook the meal themselves. The effort that they were able to put into it was valuable in itself. Students were also given the opportunity to hand out the meal that they prepared themselves, making the event even more memorable.

Creativity is the ability to materialize something  out of thin air, it does not simply mean producing a material object, but the ability to  gather the energy of people to do something out of the ordinary. Being able to inspire people to go out of their comfort zone and to help spread the energy of joy and positivity is something that the team of Pumped Up Pranks has been doing for a very long time.

Traditional schooling usually won’t give confidence training, and projects like this are not usually done at schools. Activities like this should be  encouraged-  it is the  application of real life skills, while combining fun and inspiring ideas.

Wearing a mask, local artists roamed the streets to provide gifts that were purchased as a result of collaborative effort.

The project is just simple, but it was able to unite people from different walks of life. Teenagers and individuals who would not talk to each other were also given a chance to interact. Due to the success of the event, it  is expected to inspire more creative and collaborative projects in Baguio City.



Must Watch: Horse Headed Guy Give Gifts to the Homeless on Christmas in Baguio City