Most Influential Media Personality Defends Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina from Bashers

Multi-awarded journalist and Dubai-based Editor in Chief Josh Mangila, who won ‘Media Personality of The Year’ from the largest newspaper in the Middle East – The Filipino Times, defends Maxine Medina, Miss Universe Philippines, from constant bashing from the public, especially from some Filipinos.
Josh and Maxine

“It is very unfortunate that most of Maxine bashers are also Filipinos who are continuously stigmatising Maxine for invalid reasons, such as the use of English grammar. English is a language; it is not a concrete knowledge or armour that is quintessential for success.

Being a travel editor of a Dubai-based English publication for the affluent society and having travelled more than 60 cities and 40 countries, I have seen so many people who can’t express themselves in English well but are undeniably successful in life. There are many Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arab millionaires who don’t speak English that well but they are victorious in their own ways.

I am not saying English is not important, but it is not a solid ground to pull Maxine down,” explains Josh Mangila, who was named Most Influential Travel Journalist in Malta last October 2016.


“I know Maxine personally and aside from having a golden heart, she works so hard to improve herself for the Filipino people and for the Philippines. Sometimes it is not the ‘possibility’; it is about ‘positivity’. It is something that we felt before that 42-year-old Miss Universe drought.

It is the magnitude of hope that I hope we don’t lose just because we already have a crown after many years, Pia is not the end, she is just the beginning and we are thankful to her — showing the universe that Filipinos are world-class ambassadors of beauty, confidence and compassion.”

Josh adds a message to Maxine bashers: “I hope before you throw insults to Miss Philippines, please know that you are denigrating someone who is carrying the sash that we are all a part of.”