Mong Alcaraz of Sandwich & Chicosci – WYD by Harold Soon

WYD Why You Do What You DoMong Alcaraz of CHICOSCI & SANDWICH. Directed by‘s Harold Soon.

This is another one of Harold’s webisodes. It’s a series about creative artists / expressionists called “Why You Do What You Do” or WYD.

WYD (Why You Do What You Do) is a show every Saturday that aims to inspire and motivate YOU to do what YOU want to do. The show does this by featuring artists, entrepreneurs and organizations that have transformed an idea into reality out of their passion for a certain craft. WYD believes in the intersection of YOUR passion and social responsibility.

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WhyYouDoWhatYouDo Director Harold Soon of Why You Do What You Do

Mong Alcaraz of Sandwich & Chicosci Philippines Filipino music featured in Why You Do What You Do directed by Harold Soon Mong Alcaraz of Sandwich & Chicosci Philippine local bands on WhyYouDoWhatYouDo

Philippine Filipino Director Harold Soon of is a creative genius Direk Harold Soon of director videographer video editor and mastermind

WhyYouDoWhatYouDo – So why do you do what you do?