MODUS: Thieves Put Duplicate Keypad on ATM

MODUS Thieves Put Duplicate Keypad on ATM


We can never be too careful when withdrawing money. Always trust an ATM where’s there’s a guard nearby or that are in busy places, because you can never tell what thieves have done to machines that have no security.

This photo was shared by Patricia E. on Facebook, and is now going viral on Facebook. According to her, she tried to withdraw at an ATM in Makati when she noticed the keypad was loose. When she lifted it, the keypad came off, revealing the original one underneath. She said:


Now that was close! Always remember to check the ATM machine before withdrawing. It doesn’t matter where you are. This was at Greenbelt, Makati. Be aware and stay safe.


This is a popular modus in ATMs where the duplicate keypad will store your PIN and withdraw your money without your knowledge.


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