Model Arrested For Stealing Cars From Other Models

They say looks can be deceiving, but this one brings things to a whole new level.

Take the case of this 26-year-old model, who was arrested for car theft in Quezon City, according to local reports!

model steals cars

[File photo: QCPD]

Reports have it that Mariecar Rosel, a freelance model, along with her accomplice, Reginald Van Malate was arrested by the Quezon City Police District at a hotel stakeout last Thursday. The stakeout was done after police received information that a car the model allegedly stole, a Toyota Fortuner, was parked somewhere at the hotel basement.

Rosel, who also goes by the name Mariecar Go Chua, was also suspected of having car-napped three other models in separate incidents last year. The three models went to the police station to file charges against her, after one of her victims, the owner of the Toyota Fortuner, came in to identify her!

This is some nasty model-on-model crime.

What are your thoughts on this?

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