MINT Riffs’ LIPAD on March 26, 7pm at Music Museum


MINT Riffs is composed of students of Meridian International College from different levels and courses that are musically inclined to singing and dancing.

The word “MINT” came from the name of the school, “Meridian International, while “Riffs” is referred to an improvised pattern of a guitar chord, usually played in popular music and jazz.

Two years ago, March 22, 2013, the MINT Riffs had their first-ever concert held at Teatrino, Greenhills, Promenade, entitled, “NEON”. It showcased 16 musical numbers varying four aspects of the students’ life of MINT College: Neos, Element, Outstand, Neon Lights. “A group of Neophytes being exposed to new and different elements outstanding among the crowd just like neon lights, different colors but all shining extremely bright.

In the year of 2014, MINT Riffs held their second concert once again in Teatrino, Greenhills, Promenade, and entitled “BIYAHE” which represented MINT Riffs’ journey throughout the two years it has been running

MINT Riffs will run their third annual public concert on March 26, 2015, Thursday, 7PM in Music Museum, Greenhills. It is going to be a fundraising concert for the benefit of MINT Riffs’ scholarship program. We are going to take you to several destinations of one’s life experiences on a musical showcase titled, “LIPAD”. Soar high; fly high. LIPAD will lift up one’s dream, spread the gifts, talents, and enlighten every moment of our lives toward the road to success. Relax and enjoy a fantastical celebration of fun entertainment with the MINT Riffs, as we are ready to take off.

Tickets are priced at:

P500 – First Class

P350 – Business Class

P250 – Economy Class

For inquiries, kindly contact: Ellaine Binegas (09352439262) or

E-mail us at:

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