LOOK: MINISO Has Special-Themed Stores Around Asia

Renowned global lifestyle brand MINISO continues its global expansion with the grand opening of its latest Barbie-themed store in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November. The 300-square-meter, two-story storefront is an enchanting haven for Barbie enthusiasts, featuring a pink-themed atmosphere from floor to ceiling.

The new store — located at 122 Tran Duy Hung — captivates visitors with its vibrant pink décor, creating a dreamy atmosphere that resonates with the essence of the iconic doll. From bags and water bottles to accessories, makeup tools, and neck pillows, the store offers a diverse range of Barbie-inspired products.

MINISO s Barbie themed Store in Hanoi

MINISO‘s Barbie-themed Store in Hanoi

Notably, since the product launch on October 18 in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi’s MINISO stores, the Barbie series has witnessed remarkable success. The popular Barbie cups were sold out during the initial launch, and since the new collection arrived at these two stores, there has been a remarkable 100% increase in sales compared to the previous week. The popularity of the Barbie collection is evident, with 42% sales contributed by the Van Hanh Mall store during promotional events. To date, the newly opened store in Hanoi has become the best-performing store in sales in Northern Vietnam.

The new MINISO flagship store in Hanoi marks another milestone in the brand’s strategy of creating high-energy flagship stores worldwide with prominent IPs. In particular, the Barbie-themed store is a testament to MINISO’s commitment to providing unique and immersive shopping experiences. Given the success of the series, MINISO plans to roll out new products for the Barbie series in Vietnam in December, including headphones, which were one of the best-selling items in China.

This achievement follows MINISO’s successful introduction of Barbie-themed stores in 11 cities across China, including Shanghai and Changsha, with a total of 13 stores. Remarkably, the Barbie series has become a global phenomenon, reaching markets in the United States, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, and more.

MINISO s Babie themed Store in China

MINISO’s Babie-themed Store in China

In addition to the Barbie-themed success, MINISO has been at the forefront of establishing “Super IP” and “Super Store” concepts, creating a new paradigm for trend-focused shopping experiences.

“As we continue to explore new avenues of creativity and consumer engagement, our ‘Super IP’ and ‘Super Store’ strategy allows us to build MINISO as a lifestyle destination,” said Robin Liu, Chief Marketing Officer of MINISO. “These flagship stores are not just places to shop; they are immersive experiences that resonate with our customers on a personal level.”
MINISO has been on a spree of introducing innovative flagship stores worldwide. These include Disney Pixar Food Collection-themed stores in China’s Guangzhou and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, each featuring a distinctive Disney park-inspired ice cream facade that has become a popular photo spot for visitors.

MINISO s Disney Pixar Food Collection themed Store in China

MINISO’s Disney Pixar Food Collection-themed Store in China

The brand has also launched its first Sanrio-themed store in Margo City, a major shopping mall in Indonesia, enhancing the shopping experience with sweet pink tones, cartoon character decorations, and ambient lighting to create a romantic and dreamy ambiance.

In a bid to fuel the brand’s global reach, these flagship stores contribute significantly to building a robust brand image and achieving sales figures, aligning with MINISO’s vision of becoming a “Super Brand.”