Watch: “Pinoy Boy” Mikey Bustos Reminds Filipinos Why It’s #SarapUmuwi This Christmas

Simbang gabi has started and the air is fragrant with puto-bungbong and bibingka. But beyond the colorful holiday traditions and the overall jolly vibes, we all know, deep in our hearts, what the true meaning of Christmas is.

With all the #mayforever traffic that we endure, and the countless sacrifices we make to put food on our table, Christmas serves as a great time to put things into perspective. This is why it’s important that no matter the distance and no matter the cost, there is one thing that we Filipinos must do on December 25: spend it with our loved ones.

Watch the video below of “Pinoy Boy” Mikey Bustos reminding us why it’s #sarapumuwi during the most wonderful time of the year.

What do you think? What do you love most about Christmas?