Meet #TheUpstagingBridesmaid, Jennica Resurreccion!

When a close friend of yours gets hitched, it’s a happy occasion for everyone. You witness the love story of your friend and your significant other bloom into something wonderful as time passes, and when the day finally comes that they get hitched, it’s a happily ever after moment to celebrate.

Jennica Resurreccion was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her classmate in college, Eden Samonte.

We’re like sisters but she could be the bullied sister among us, haha!” she tells WHEN IN MANILA. “Pero taga-tawa lang ako. It’s a #NoFilter type of friendship.”

So how did #TheUpstagingBridesmaid start?

At the night of the wedding, when the SDE and photo slideshow was played, my friends were asking how much I paid the photographer because I had more exposures than the family of the bride,” Resurreccion explains. “They were screaming “whoa” every time my photos/videos were shown because it was ‘upstaging.’

“When the bride sent the wedding photos to our Viber group, we can’t stop laughing on how I looked like on the photos! It was so funny, I couldn’t help but post it on my Facebook account. When I posted the photos I embodied the #UpstagingBridesmaid persona, I was surprised that people can actually relate and they find it very hilarious!”

Many figured Resurreccion was a funny and extroverted person, when in fact it’s the opposite.

“People might be surprised but I am actually reserved and introverted! My funny side shows up when I’m with my closest friends.”

Keep on making people smile, Jennica!

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Jennica Resurreccion wishes to acknowledge Ms. Eden Lorren Samonte (The Bride) and 

Zeus Martinez Photography (The Photographer).

Mayroon talaga tayong kaibigang competitive.Photo credits:Ms. Eden Lorren Samonte (The Bride)Zeus Martinez…

Posted by Marcelo Santos III on Wednesday, April 4, 2018


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