Meet Elena Heuzé: The Filipina Lead in Netflix Action Film “Heart Shot”

You might have seen the new Netflix action short film called “Heart Shot.” One of the two leads in the movie is actually a proud Filipino!

Filipino actor Elena Heuzé Netflix Heart ShotImage: Netflix

Elena Heuzé, who identifies as queer and goes by the pronouns she and they, is half Pinoy. Her mom is Filipino and her dad is French-Spanish. And while she was born in Los Angeles, Elena grew up in the Philippines and studied in the country until high school. After graduating, she moved back to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. According to her profile on PhilStar Life, Elena also did some acting here in the Philippines, appearing in some commercials, and even landed a deal with Viva.

“GUYS MY FACE IS ON NETFLIX,” Elena wrote on her Instagram page as she officially announced Heart Shot. “This was literally a dream come true,” she said.


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Despite her rising career, Elena expressed that her main purpose as an actor is to promote Asian representation in Hollywood, particularly Filipino. Elena shared with PhilStar Life: “I feel like we are not as represented in TV and film as other Asian countries are. Filipinos are not as represented as we want them to be.”

“I know firsthand because even I, as a Filipino, get auditions to be a Latina, a Mexican, or like any Hispanic, but I rarely get auditions [for Filipino roles]. So I would love to change that,” she said.

Filipino actor Elena Heuzé Netflix Heart ShotImage: Netflix

Heart Shot runs at 19 minutes and, according to its synopsis on Netflix, is about “teenagers Nikki and Sam[ who] are in love and planning a future together—until Nikki’s dangerous past returns to threaten everything.”

Heart Shot is currently showing on Netflix.

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