Former Treasure Member Mashiho Embarks on Solo Career

Former member of TREASURE, MASHIHO, opened his official homepage on March 25, the day he celebrates his 23rd birthday. At the same time, he also founded an official fan club and restarted his career, as the solo artist MASHIHO.  

MASHIHO showed his enthusiasm about the news, stating “Through my future activities I want to give back to those who have waited for me to return for so long. So as not to disappoint those who are expecting big things, I want to show a number of new sides of me as the solo artist MASHIHO”. 


On March 25, 2023, after setting up his own Instagram account, he quickly attracted more than a million followers (1.45 million as of March, 2024). Fans from all over the world who were eagerly anticipating MASHIHO’s return to the spotlight voiced their delight.  

As attention was focused on his future activities, it was a year later on March 25, 2024, that MASHIHO began to recommence activities. 

MASHIHO has stated that “This period really allowed me to think about what I wanted to do”. In a long-form interview of 5000 characters exclusively for fan-club members, he spoke about how he spent recently, his feelings about his fans and his music, his hopes for the future, and he also opened up about how he really feels in the present moment. 

With a smile on his face, he stated “It would be wrong to say I’m not a bit nervous, but currently my sense of excitement is stronger”.

“Just as I have received so much life and power from everyone, going forward I want to give back that energy and confidence to everyone”, he added enthusiastically. 

He avoided giving details about the time frame for his much-anticipated solo debut but did have the following to say about it, “I will have an announcement for you by the summer…”. Moving forward, he plans to be active internationally while based in Japan.

MASHIHO signaled a reunion with fans stating, “This year I would like to create opportunities to meet with my fans”. 


Born in Japan on March 25th, 2001. He is a trilingual (Japanese, Korean and English) solo artist making waves throughout the world. He is an all-rounder, with a sweet singing voice and astounding dance moves.   

He made his debut as part of TREASURE, which were attached to a major Korean entertainment agency. He left the group in November 2022. Setting his sights on returning to the stage, he announced his solo debut on March 25th of this year.

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