Maria Maria Restorante: Where Old Meets New

If you are tired of your same old go-to restaurant at Greenhills, it’s time to check out a hidden gem at Xavier Residences. Maria Maria Restorante has a classic charm that lures family and friends into taking a break from the busy-ness of the world for an afternoon of home-cooked comfort meals.


Maria Maria is the legacy of the Ejercito clan’s Dona Maria Ejercito. With three generations of fine food, you know you can never go wrong. Stepping inside, you will be greeted by their cozy yet classic interiors that will take you back in time. Large framed photos of the two Marias hang on their wall to show how food connects the two generations.


What is amazing about this restaurant is that Head Chef Enet Santiago incorporated family recipes to all of the dishes served. Their dishes are a fusion of different flavors around the world. They have Italian food, American food, and of course, Filipino food with a twist. Here are some of the newest dishes that Maria Maria has to offer:


Adobo Rillet (Php117)

The Adobo Rillet surprised us because it looks more like a dip than actual adobo. It has a texture that will make you feel like you are eating some of your Lola’s homemade spread.


Tinapa & Vegetable Lumpia (Php183)

Most Filipinos love tinapa, this dish is made extra special with their special sweetened organic vinegar that perfectly complements the lumpia, making it a go-to comfort food for their diners.


Chicken Binakol (Php150)

The Chicken Binakol is your not typical tinola because instead of using the usual chicken broth, they use coconut juice and some niyog to make the soup flavorful and unique.


Pollo Catalana (Php447)

A personal favorite of mine is the Pollo Catalana. Maybe I just really love chicken dishes, but I also love the playful taste of its sauce in my mouth. Since it is healthy, too, I feel less guilty devouring myself a plate of this.


Ribs ni Love (Php1441)

The team’s favorite, however, was the Ribs ni Love. According to Chef Emet, this is their specialty. It is inspired by Mayor Erap’s love for grilled meat. You don’t need any barbecue sauce for this dish, either, because their organic vinegar with garlic is enough to make the flavors stand out.

Of course, there is always room for dessert and we got to try the best desserts on their menu:


Molten Lava Cake (Php210)

The first dessert served and our absolute favorite was the Molten Lava Cake. I cannot even describe the feeling of eating this heavenly dessert. It has such a soft texture to it that the cake and chocolate melt in your mouth with every bite.

I would definitely go back to Maria Maria just to have more of this perfectly made Molten Lave Cake.


Sunflower Seed Cheesecake (Php210)

Another personal favorite of mine is the Sunflower Seed Cheesecake topped with oozing caramel sauce and delicate Sunflower seeds. The cheesecake is not the regular heavily textured cheesecake that you get to try in coffee shops. I love how the flavors are balanced and not too sweet.


Pistachio Raspberry Cassata (Php195)

If you are a gelato lover, you will love the flavorful scoop of this ice cream.


Affogato ni Maria (Php120)

The Affogato ni Maria is basically vanilla ice cream on an espresso shot. This dessert woke us up due to the strong taste of the espresso. The vanilla ice cream balanced out the flavor, though.

Maria Maria Restorante is the perfect place for a family celebration. The Ejercito Family really made sure that every person who eats at Maria Maria will get a dose of Dona Maria’s kitchen. If you can’t visit the restaurant itself to experience the legacy of the Marias firsthand, though, you can also get their dishes delivered right at your doorstep through Honestbee.

They also have an on-going back to school promo this June where you can get a free Mac & Cheese or Hawaiian Pizza when you buy 2 burgers.

Maria Maria

81 Xavier Street Greenhills, San Juan

Open daily 7AM – 9:30PM

(02) 632-3948

Facebook: httP://

Instagram: @MariaMariaResto


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