MAP Forum on Lifestyle Solutions: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthier Life!

MAP Forum on Lifestyle Solutions: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthier Life!


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Last July 23, 2014, the Management Association of the Philippines or MAP presented the fit map forum series in the Inter-Continental Manila Hotel.

This was the second ‘The Fit Map’ forum of the MAP Health and Wellness committee with the theme: “MAPping a Future of INCLUSIVE GROWTH and GOOD GOVERNANCE” as they tackled issues and solutions for companies, employers and employees to achieve optimum health that in turn improve self, work and productivity.

Ms. Cathy Turvill, the emcee and moderator of the event, is a member of MAP Health and Wellness Committee and a co-owner of the Nurture Wellness Village, which was also a patron of the event. She made sure that the flow of the forum went smoothly and successfully.

The forum started at around 2:00 PM when Mr. Isidro “Sid” G. Garcia Chair of MAP Health and Wellness Committee and President of Trinity Insurance Brokers, Inc. (another sponsor of the event), gave wonderful opening remarks with high regards to the speakers and the importance of the role of health to companies and, of course, to each and everyone of us.


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The first presenter was Dr. Blecenda Varona, a Nutrition Specialist of Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultancy Clinic. Her topic was “Diet and Weight Management in Sickness Prevention and Joyful Living”. She discussed the importance of diet on sickness prevention and giving emphasis on the leading cause of poor health which is poor lifestyle. She was very enthusiastic and knowledgable about the topic, making for an informative discussion.

Next was Dr. Samuel P. Dizon the Medical Director of the Complete Wellness Center on “The How’s and Why’s of Detoxification”. He discussed the different methods of detoxification and presented the importance and ways our body can naturally detoxify. He discussed the importance of detoxifying our bodies and getting rid of accumulated toxins for a healthier self.

The third speaker was Ms. Jeannie E. Javelosa, the co-founder of ECHOstore and Sustainable Lifestyle and ECHOyoga with the topic “Fitness and Exercise: The Best Anti-Stress and Aging Solutions”. She discussed on how stress can lead to poor health and keeping our bodies fit with exercise like running and  yoga can greatly improve our well-being.


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The fourth presenter with a cooking demo was Mr. Chad Davis of Primed for Your Life. One of his dishes was a healthy Pork Adobo using organic ingrediets and lots of vegetables making a tasty but also healthy. Other dishes were Omelet of Wilted Kale, Onions and Mixed Berries and Broccoli and Cauliflower Rice that’s extremely tasty. He pointed out that great tasting food can also be good for your health.

Next was Ms. Esther S. Go a Member of MAP Health and Wellness Committee and President and CEO of Medilink Network, Inc. Her topic was “Using Technology to Support a Healthy Lifestyle”. She discussed about the growing use of Electronic Health or E-Health on detecting illness and assisting with the collaboration of healthcare providers. E-Health can also be used to track overall health and can greatly help in treating diseases.


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The last presenter was Dr. Jaime “Jimmy” Galvez Tan, MD a Professor at the University of the Philippines – College of Medicine with the topic “Preventing Sickness through Lifestyle and Natural Healing”. He delivered an entertaining discussion on natural healing utilizing the law of attraction and loving yourself among the other methods. He ended the discussion with the whole floor laughing with the Buddha Laugh and his overall positive aura.

The forum was a success with all the discussions and topic being very informative and the few minute question and answer segment of the speakers became an excellent ground for exchange of ideas. The topics tackled was not only helpful for the use inside companies but also for practical use for everyday living. The Management Association of the Philippines has presented a very successful forum for the second year for “The Fit Map” with the help of their patrons and partners.


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Be sure to watch out for more forums from the Management Association of the Philippines and be wowed by their helpful, informative and compelling topics and amazing speakers.



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MAP Forum on Lifestyle Solutions: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthier Life!