Manila Zoo Commisary Turnover: First Step to Rehabilitation

Yesterday marked the official turnover of the Commisary/Central Kitchen of the Manila Zoo from Victoria Court. We arrived at 1:30pm and were greeted by the zoo’s resident Veterinarian Dr. Chip and administrator.

The Manila Zoo Commisary Turnover_09.46 PM
I was amazed at the transformation of the Kitchen/Commisary. During our first ocular inspection last month, the kitchen looked old and dilapidated. And I remembered it being really hot. 

The Manila Zoo Commisary Turnover_

The kitchen now looked modern, clean and had ACU units already. According to our Chief Engineer, Mikey Balangue, the last time the Manila Zoo kitchen was renovated was 1957.

We started our campaign to help renovate Manila Zoo and try to bring this iconic home to its former glory a few months ago. Our Managing Director Ian King, fell in love with the zoo’s resident Elephant Maali. This triggered his passion and love for all types of animals. With this passion comes the company’s drive to help improve the home of these wonderful animals.

After visiting the zoo, I too fell in love with Maali the elephant… that love also extends to Big Bertha (very healthy hippo), Rafe (the lion cub) and all the other animals residing there. One of our objectives is to showcase these beautiful animals and for the future generation to learn and actually see and experience these animals in person.

The Manila Zoo Commisary Turnover_18.46 PM

The Commisary Renovation is the first step to rehabilitate Manila Zoo. We need your help. We are appealing to all the animal lovers out there to help us raise more funds to improve the home of Maali and her fellow animals.

The Manila Zoo Commisary Turnover_14.26 PM

For donations to Manila Zoo, you may contact our CSR Team at +63 917 981 0084.

The Manila Zoo Commisary Turnover_16.07 PM


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