Manila City Hall’s Clock Tower Now Has a Digital Watch Face

Historically, the Manila City Hall is a government building that houses the Mayor of Manila and the chambers of the Manila City Council. It is located in the vicinity of Ermita, Manila. It is a symbolic building that defines the city.

An iconic part of the Manila City Hall is the clock tower. The clock tower was built in 1930s based on the design of Antonio Toledo. It is considered as the largest clock tower in the Philippines.

Peeking at night, the clock tower beams up as the tower lights up.

Per hour, the bell is rung three times followed by a melody. The clock tower is huge part of Manila’s history.

Yet, to catch up with time and technological development, Manila City Hall’s clock tower got a face lift.

April Fool's Manila City Hall

As of today, April 1, the Manila City Hall’s clock tower has been changed from having an analog clock to a digital watch face. 

Possibly, you have noticed this change that was about to happen with the constructions in the area.

Riding a bus or walking along Manila City Hall today, look up and see how beautiful the new digital watch face is.

If you’ve seen it, let us know if you like the new clock tower.

Looking at it up close, the new digital clock tower looks like this starting today.

April Fool's Manila City Hall - upclose

Frankly, we think the upgraded clock tower is quite cool.

Of course, not everyone will agree with this. Some may say that doing this has caused the structure to lose its historical value.

Obviously, this enhancement in the city hall will bring other upgrades in the city. We hope more technologies such as this will be integrated into the city’s ecosystem.

Let’s wait and see what other “improvements” this update will bring about in Manila.

Still, we wonder, what OS powers the clock tower’s watch face? Is it Android or watchOS? Can apps be downloaded on it?

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