Mandy Moore Just Conquered a Climb Up to Mount Everest Base Camp

Mandy Moore just celebrated an amazing feat of climbing up to the base camp of Mount Everest this week, which she described as “truly beyond my wildest imagination.”

“Spoiler alert: we made it!!!” Moore said in an Instagram post dated Monday, May 27, almost a week since she announced her trek.


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Moore shared clips of her journey towards the base camp alongside friends and with the guidance of Melissa Reid, the first American woman to ascend and descend Everest without oxygen.

She described the journey as challenging, particularly breathing at such a high altitude, but she got through it with Reid’s tips about pressure breathing.

In a succeeding Instagram post, Moore shared her reflections following the trek. “There’s no way to distill this experience down to a few sentences,” she began. “There’s no way to encapsulate what coursed through our veins and brains living in the mountains this past week. It will come in time.”

She continued: “I think I’m slowly learning that I feel most like me when I’m outdoors. It’s couldn’t be any more outside my everyday realm and yet there’s something entirely refreshing about being tasked with nothing more than breathing and slowly putting one foot in front of the other.”


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She then thanked the company she had during the trip, which she described as “an absolute gamechanger.”

“We shared everything […] …all the makings of a quality trip to the most remarkable place any of us have ever been. I’m also left inspired by the collective perseverance this group had to help each other every step of the way and to watch as we all met this shared goal of reaching base camp together is something I’ll never forget.”

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She ended her post with the greatest lesson she learned: “It’s easy to daydream and make big plans when you’re down at sea level but it’s a much taller order to do it while in the grips of something truly difficult. Message received.”

“I dug deep while in the midst of all of those pressure breaths and made a mental list of things that scared me but I was anxious to tackle. Now that I’m back on solid ground, I can’t wait to home and get to it,” she added.

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