Man Attempts to Drive 25,000km to Marry Fiancée in a Different Continent

Would you walk a thousand kilometers just to see the person you love? You should check out the story of this cross-continental couple. Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan is driving over 25,000 km from Thailand all the way to Germany just to marry his Fiancee. He plans to cross 24 countries in just 98 days with his Toyota AE86.

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What makes this tour more interesting is that the vehicle being used is very familiar to anime enthusiasts. Hadri is driving what fans call the Tofu Car which is seen in the famous racing series Initial D.

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Hadri has already left Kuala Lumpur last August 19, 2019, and is driving to Hua Hin at the time of this writing. On the way to Germany, he is expected to cross China, Mongolia, and Russia, among others. We’re pretty sure his fiancee will find this sweet! Best wishes to both of them!

If you’re interested in following his journey, you can visit his Instagram account @ae86worldtour for more updates.

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