Malipano Island: A Little Known Luxury Beach Resort in Davao

We all have different options on how to cool down during the summer season, but for most of us whose idea of a summer escape is frolicking around the shoreline, walking along the ivory sand and splashing in the crystal water, a beach is the most obvious choice. In fact, it’s pretty much a given. After all, beaches are like a paradise and Philippines is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.  

While Boracay and Palawan are the most popular beach destinations in the Philippines, the resorts there tend to be flooded with tourists. So, if you want a destination where privacy is assured while enjoying the scenic view of the sea and the beautiful shoreline, why not consider exploring the Island Garden City of Samal in the Davao province?

Samal is home to some of the most romantic and beautiful beaches in the Philippines and the island is not crammed with tourists. If you have a comfortable budget to feed your beach craving and dream to be in a secluded, tropical island, there’s one perfect Samal destination for you: Malipano Island in Pearl Farm. 


Malipano Island Davao


Malipano Island combines a luxury feel with tranquility. It also offers water sport activities and a relaxing manicured green lawn to loosen up. At Malipano Island, you will be treated to ultra-private accommodations and the comfort to enjoy the seaside without too many intruders. The beachside of the villas is exclusive to guests, as well. Any visitors coming from Pearl Farm are only given a limited time to explore the sugary sand.


Malipano Island Davao


Malipano Island, which lies a few meters off the coast of Pearl Farm Beach Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao, is one of the most stunning beach islands in the Philippines almost unknown to travelers. Its gorgeous tropical environment,  sparkling green water and ivory sand beckoned relaxation and serenity provide visitors with a well-deserved holiday escape.


Malipano Island Davao

Ivory sand of Malipano Island


Malipano has several villas equipped with modern facilities and a butler service. The billas are designed under the influence of the unique cultural heritage of the Davao province. It has open verandas directly facing the placid Davao Gulf.

To enjoy the best of this island, you have two options: either book for a room in Malipano or choose one located in Pearl Farm. This picturesque island is under the Pearl Farm beach resort management. If you choose to book at Pearl Farm, Malipano can be reached through a speedboat ride free of charge, but the time of your visit will be limited.


Malipano Island Davao

Tranquil surrounding of Malipano island surrounded with coconut trees and lush tropical plants.


Depending on your budget and choice of adventure, your experience at Malipano and Pearl Farm will differ. At Malipano, villas are quite expensive, but will provide an ultra quiet environment with natural scenery of verdant tropical plants, a sprawling green lawn surrounded with coconut trees and an idyllic view of the sea. The beac side is a lot wider and the water is more alluring than at Pearl Farm, as well.


Malipano Island Davao


I got to visit Malipano Island with friends as part of the activity of our accommodations at Pearl Farm. I found the island very relaxing and quiet and because I am into nature and love the view of an open sea, the environment of Malipano Island appealed to me the most. It was so amazing! Malipano Island is truly a relaxing retreat.


Malipano Island Davao


Want to know how much you may spend when visiting Malipano Island? Just frame in your mind a budget plan of around Php10,000 per head/per day. While that might sound quite expensive, the beach resort is world-class, so you won’t regret a second of staying here. In fact, if I ever have enough money, I would love to go back there to enjoy the moments of fun and excitement with friends and loved ones in a quiet environment.

To get there, you may catch a flight from Manila to Davao City; the travel time is just two hours. If your accommodation does not include a free pickup, you may ride a taxi from the airport to Lizada wharf. Make sure to arrive roughly 15 minutes before the indicated boat departure, though, because they are a bit strict when it comes to boat transfer.

If you prefer budget travel, are a party animal or are looking for daytime activities with lots of people in a festive mood, Malipano Island would not be the place for you as it is a bit exclusive, is very private and has no party or clubbing stations. However, if you are looking for a perfect place to wind down, enjoy a quiet moment, feel the softness of the surroundinsg, contemplate about life and think a lot under the moon without the buzz of the crowd, Malipano Island is the ideal place to be in.


Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, 8119 Davao del Norte

Phone Numbers: +6382 235-1234-36



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