Makati B&B (Beer & Boardgames) is your Geeky Haven for Booze and Fun

When In Manila, the newest B&B has landed! What B&B, you ask? Why, it’s BEER and BOARDGAMES! Sounds fun? Definitely.


Makati B&B (Beer & Boardgames) is Now Open!


Makati B&B opened last week, and here’s a late after action report– late partly because things have gotten hectic even after the launch, and also because it’s taken this long to recover from that day of epic gaming.

After several weeks of frantic renovations and negotiations between the Gaming Library, the Makati Marauders and John Bull Brewing, the Makati B&B was fully-operational on Saturday, like some sort of freshly-painted gamer Deathstar filled with beer and boardgames (hence, B&B).


By Saturday morning, the paint had finally dried on the last of our tables, the newly-installed shelves were stocked with boardgames and wargaming terrain, and the beer was cold. The beer is worth discussing, here– some of the best local craft brands like Katipunan and Fat Pauly’s, as well as imports like Crown and VBs. Some of the early guests had to be physically restrained from attacking the fridge.

Slowly, momentum built up– a few gamers around lunch, at first, playing game night openers like Timeline or Bang!

and eventually a veritable flood of players poured in. At some point the club was awash in boardgames, with some Warhammer Fantasy being played on one of  our special wargaming tabletops, and games like Takenoko, Shadows Over Camelot, and 7 Wonders sprouting up all over the club. A second room had to be opened up, with permission from Languages Internationale.


The Makati Marauders also got a brisk business that day for its membership drive, with many visitors signing up for memberships, to enjoy the discounts for the beer and boardgames.

Both the demo boardgames and the games for sale were flying off the shelves. The beer was also steadily (unsurprisingly) being depleted, but fortunately John Bull had a lot of stock in the back room.


Several times throughout the day and the night we thought we were starting to wind down, only to find a fresh wave of gamers bursting in, ready to play boardgames like Ticket to Ride and Race for the Galaxy, wargames like Bolt Action, and down some premium brew. We definitely put a dent in John Bull’s stock that night, which stretched out to 3(!)am.

The launch was a great success, and we’d like to thank everyone who came– we’d like to say we hope you had fun, but we know you did, and we hope you can join us again on our regular days. When In Manila, door is open 3pm to 10pm Mondays to Saturdays, so we look forward to hanging out with you, and getting our game on!


Written by  Rayray Raymz



Makati B&B (Beer & Boardgames) is Now Open!