MAD Talks: Market Like the Media

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Marketing has changed drastically in the last decade. The biggest businesses in the world are turning to CONTENT MARKETING to reach more customers. This tactic isn’t anything new though; media companies have been doing it for years. Join Huskee Digital in their first MAD Talk this year and learn how to turn your content into a business opportunity. In the wise words of Destiny’s Child, “can you keep up, baby boy?”

Listen to the talks about The Creative Process and how media companies have been producing entertaining content all these years, The Power of Video and how content creators are maximizing the potential of video content, and How Facebook’s Algorithm Works (make it work for you!).

Speakers from big hits in the media: Lio Mangubat, the Editor-in-Chief of Summit Books and of Summit’s Content Labs, Rozel Basilio, a YouTube content creator, and Miggy Azurin from Huskee Digital.

➡️ Open to all SMEs, startups, content creators, and anyone who wants to market their brand like how media companies do.

Take your content game to a step higher! ?


Early Birds: PHP 400 each

A flock of Early Birds: PHP 1,500 each (Group of 4)

Regular Price: Php 500 each

For questions and payment options, you may reach out to Ysa (+63917 651 1994) or check out!